You might get accustomed to funky odours if you spend a lot of time in your house. But outsiders might detect them the moment they step into your house. The good news is it is easy to get rid of these smells quickly, that too without spending much money. Here is how:

Air It All Out

Let fresh air in by opening the windows and that is the easiest way to get rid of stale air. To get cross-breeze, open windows in multiple rooms for best results. To draw in fresh air turn on your place box fans and ceiling fans near the windows.

For best results, open windows in multiple rooms to get a cross-breeze. If it is very cold outside this might not be possible. But the rooms will smell clean even if you open the windows for a few minutes. If it is too cold outside for opening all the windows try airing out the rooms.

Eliminate the Culprits

Tackle the smell at their source. But this can take a lot of time. Some of the sources of bad smells are:

  • Stinky pet homes/beds
  • Gunky garbage disposal
  • Dirty upholstery
  • Moist laundry
  • Leftovers in the fridge
  • Unclean bathrooms
  • Dirty microwave
  • Unclean bathroom and kitchen sink drains
  • Untended diaper pails/trash cans
  • Moldy pillows
  • Dirty throw rugs
  • Really dusty places

Dust stinks. Try decluttering to help cut down on dust in your home!

Also, if there is a rotten stench look behind furniture and behind corners for dead insects.

Spray, Burn and Smoke Out the Smell

Some of the excellent weapons against bad smells are incenses, air sprays and candles. You can bring in some lovely fragrances in your home fast by using these products. But make sure all the scents are complementary otherwise you will feel stifled by too much perfume.

A word of caution: While cooking don’t use them in the kitchen. Some smells can become repulsive to your guests if the smells are not complementary.  It will be better to smell the onions than onions mixed with floral air spray.

Sprinkle Carpet Freshener generously

Before vacuuming the carpet sprinkle it with a carpet freshener.  You can get rid of the foul smell in a few minutes.

You can make your own carpet freshener easily. All you need is some baby powder and sprinkle them on the carpet. But don’t try this if you have dark coloured carpets.

Use Cotton Ball Perfume Bombs

This is not a new trick but is very effective. You can keep cotton balls soaked in perfumes in all the nook and corners, and your rooms will smell divine.