You’ll most likely run into a lot of contradictory opinions when it comes to choosing the correct placement and size of an area rug. There is no ultimate guide and each and every interior designer will have his or her own idea about the topic. It is your home and you are free to make and break rules. To make your home beautiful you don’t need to be an interior design expert. Here are some rules for floor rugs and how to break them.

Floor Rugs

  1. All Furniture Legs Should Be on the Rug

When all furniture legs fit neatly on the rug a room looks more pulled together is the opinion that most designers share. However, in some rooms, it won’t be possible to follow this rule. Some rugs will have lovely patterned edges and you may not want your couch legs covering them up. Taking into consideration the space and the pattern on the rug you can take a decision.

  1. There Should Be No Furniture Legs on the Rug

Placing furniture directly on the rug can leave stubborn notch and may spoil its beauty. But there is no hard and fast rule that you should not place furniture on the rug. Again, based on the rug pattern that is visible you can take a decision. You may wish to leave them exposed if your rug has elaborate edges or a medallion center. When rugs have consistent patterns throughout it is best to place furniture legs on the rug surface.

  1. Leave 18 Inches of Bare Floor around the Rug

An old standard rule that works well in traditional rooms that are large is to leave about 18 inches of bare floor between each wall and the edge of the rug. However, leaving 18 inches on all sides may not be possible if your room is small. To make your room look properly centered all you need to do is leave an equal spacing between each wall and the rug’s edge.

  1. Around Your Bed Extend Your Rug Up to 18 Inches

It’s a good idea to follow this rule if you place a rug under your bed because it creates a balanced look. If your room is small or too large to accommodate them you don’t necessarily need to stick to the measurements. Placing a small, rectangular rug at the foot is a great alternative if you can’t find an appropriate rug to place under the bed.

  1. Rugs Under Dining Sets Should Extend 24 Inches Around the Table

This rule is based on a simple factor. When dining chairs are placed on the rug it’s easier to maneuver them. But this won’t be possible if you have a dining chair with an unusual shape or a very large dining set. When the chairs are not in use try to at least leave enough room to place all chair legs on the rug if you can’t meet the 24-inch requirement.