A key element in interior style is home fragrance. Only when we add our favourite scents that a home becomes a home. A variety of scents and sophisticated perfumes for the home are currently available. From the fuss-free diffuser to the traditional scented candle you can make your pick. You need to use the right scents in the right places to get the best from your home fragrances. Follow our room by room guide on scents for the home.

In the Hallway

First impressions are made in the entrance or the hallway. Pick scents that are welcoming and calming; it should not overpower but needs to be subtle. In the hallway, woody-based fragrances will work best. To create a subtle yet welcoming space look for notes of oud, cedarwood, leather, and patchouli.

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In the Living Room

What we want in a living room is a comfortable and refreshed atmosphere. Not everyone likes sweet scents. If the living room is small pick honey and vanilla based scented candles. Sweeter scents can be used in larger rooms. To ensure that the scent is gently filling the room use icing sugar, macaroon and caramel fragrance notes across fragrance diffusers.

In the Dining Room

It can be very difficult to get the right level of scent in spaces such as the dining room. When you are having a party or a simple meal an overpowering fragrance can be disturbing. To keep the room fresh a room spray is a great option. To find the perfect fresh scent look for base notes of lemon and bergamot.

In the Kitchen

It is not easy to keep the kitchen smelling good with lots of meal preparation and so many food smells. In the kitchen citrus scents are great. It will calm and refresh the atmosphere by cutting unsavoury smells. Apart from the classic citrus scents such as lemon you can opt for mandarin and tangerine fragrance notes. In the kitchen, room sprays, fragrance diffusers and scented candles will work well.

In the Bedroom

To any bedroom, floral fragrances are the best. In this category, you will find a wide variety and it will create a relaxing atmosphere. For a more relaxing setting look for scent notes such as jasmine, lily, sandalwood, and tuberose. White lily and orchid scent notes will refresh the bedroom.  

In the bathroom

To help set the scene for a relaxing bath fill your bathroom with fruity scents. Room sprays are always great to have. To help create a spa-like relaxing ambience use scented candles. To keep the space smelling fresh, opt for notes such as orange, peach and apricot.

In the Home Office

You need a fragrance that will help you concentrate without distracting in the home office. In this type of space spicy scents work well. Look for spice, cardamom, vetiver, and patchouli fragrance notes.