Rental apartments can be boring. You may feel like the bedroom, kitchen and even bathrooms need a serious overhaul but there is little you can do about it. With these clever decorating hacks you can turn your rental apartment into your dream home.

Rental apartment decorating tips

  1. Change up the paint job in a big way

Changing the paint will make a huge difference in a rental apartment. For a complete overhaul you may need the permission from your landlord. But small changes can be made. For instance, you can paint accent walls in the bedroom and living room.

  1. Play with chalkboard paint

To make your rental apartment look cool use chalkboard paint on a door or wall. In kids’ rooms or bedrooms this works particularly well.

  1. To spruce up walls hang curtains

To enhance the space you can create a curtain wall if you can’t paint.

  1. All about mirrors

To enhance a space mirrors are a great option. They also make a small space look bigger, and will work wonders in small apartments.

  1. Upgrade the light fixtures

To add freshness to your space re-paint the already existing light fixtures instead of buying new ones.

  1. Change up the door knobs and handles

Just change up the handles instead of investing in new cabinets and doors. 

  1. Create DIY art

If you can’t paint your apartment an inexpensive way to add colour to your space is to buy a large canvas and paint it as you like.  

  1. Utilize accent paint

Just paint an accent wall instead of painting an entire room to make a huge statement.  

  1. Can’t add wallpaper? Frame it.

Consider just framing wallpaper instead of adding wallpaper to an entire room.  

  1. Opt for storage that is also pretty to look at

For storage opt for trunks or handmade baskets. You can also buy consoles to add character to a room.  

  1. Add wall shelving

To add more storage space, wall shelves are great and they are easy to install as well. You can use them to store knickknacks and books. They look great too.

  1. Cover ugly blinds with drapes

If your rental has metal or plastic blinds which are an eyesore cover them up using floor length curtains.

  1. Use room dividers

With room dividers you can easily redefine your space.

  1. Make use of temporary wallpaper

They are not very expensive but are great to look at. You can use them to create an accent wall or in the bathroom or anywhere you like.

  1. Invest in pieces that you love

You can invest in furniture you like and for that you need no permission.

  1. Bring in your own floor lighting

Instead of using the boring overhead lighting opt for table lamps or floor lighting.

  1. Paint some furniture if you can’t paint the walls

One of the biggest problems tenants face is not being able to paint their rented abode. Paint your furniture instead to breathe new life into your space.  

  1. Add texture

To make your rental apartment cozy use lots of accent pillows, textured rugs, and throw blankets.

  1. Add greenery where you can
In a tired rental space greenery will make a huge difference.