The Christmas season is a time for good cheer and beauty. And beautiful flowers for Christmas helps bring good cheer and beauty like nothing else. For your home this holiday here are a few Christmas plants and flowers.

Popular Christmas plants and flowers

Care for Christmas Plants

 Most of these plants are tropical plants. They are not meant for snow and cold. Just like how you care for a houseplant you can nurture them as well.

Christmas Plants and Flowers

Poinsettia – The poinsettia is perhaps the most recognizable flower for Christmas. They are available in a variety of patterns and colours like those with white and pink flowers although the most commonly seen are those with green leaves and bright red flowers. In fact, the flowers are actually leaves on the plant. Now, planters even add sparkle on these plants for a festive feel.

Amaryllis – Another popular holiday play is Amaryllis. They are used as a centrepiece on the table as they are graceful and tall with their huge flowers that look like trumpets. They are perfect for the holiday season. For the holidays, usually, the red varieties of amaryllis are sold. However, they come in different colours like white, orange, red and pink. In all of these colours petals are speckled, striped or solid.

Christmas Cactus – It blooms at Christmas time hence the name. In fact, it actually blooms close to Thanksgiving. The flowers are lush and lovely hanging from ends of the leaves of the plants just like Christmas ornaments.

Rosemary – It is not a widely known plant but in the recent years it has gained popularity. The popular belief is that smelling rosemary will bring good luck. It is mentioned in the Nativity story. It is said that the clothes of Baby Jesus were dried on a rosemary bush. Today, rosemary is sold in the form of a Christmas tree after pruning it.

Holly – It is a popular Christmas decoration but it is not sold as a live plant at Christmas. It has the Christmas colours – dark green leaves with bright red berries. A belief is that the plant represented everlasting life and its origins date back to Druids. The plant was adopted by Christians as a symbol of Jesus’ promise of eternal life.

Mistletoe – Like Holly, Mistletoe is a popular Christmas decor and is not sold as a live plant. But, it is frowned upon by the Christian Church, unlike holly. So you won’t find any ancient tradition associated with it. At one point in time the Christian church had even forbidden it as a decoration. However, it is now commonly seen as a holiday plant.

Christmas Tree – The list of Christmas plants will not be complete without the mention of the Christmas tree. It is the centre of attraction during the Christmas celebration. Live Christmas trees are used in places where they are found in abundance. In other countries plastic Christmas trees are used for decoration. The common varieties of live Christmas trees are White spruce, Balsam fir, White pine, Douglas fir, Scotch pine, Fraser fir, Blue spruce and Norway spruce.