DIY Planter & Plant Pot Decorating Ideas

March 09, 2016

DIY Decorating Tips on Planters:

Quick ideas to promote Greener Living Inside out

Adding life to empty spaces and bringing in more nature into any room are one of the good ways to infuse fresh decorative ideas with Planter pots in house interiors. Your house is your happy space and bringing in green plants is only going to add more natural look. If you have the love for green and passion to nurture it; then almost anything that is lying unused in the house can be cleverly converted into attractive planters.

If you are looking to get inspired then get ready to fuel your creativity even more.

Deriving more Utility from waste like never before

Old urns, jars and jugs that have gone out of style and those which you no longer feel the same level of pride you once felt while first owning it could be of immense use to house indoor plants around your home. They can occupy the centre stage of your dining table and make it all the more great. Planting fragrant flowers or edible herbs for quick garnishing on food can be just the apt choices.

Cheap and Effective options to make your Garden a Green Paradise

Discarded biscuit, tea and coffee tins can be put to great use for your indoor plant decoration ideas. Instead of contemplating to throw it as scrap; you can convert them into beautiful hangings near the windows. You can fill them up with flowers to make them look cool.

Excessive crockery and ceramic vessels can be picked up for effective planter solutions. If you have bowls of various shapes and sizes and Colanders; then you need to drill holes in the bottom and hang them all with chain or rope. Your oven cutlers can be used as a lovely window planter by planting succulents in it. These planter options bring in a rain of colours to your veranda to make it look all the more cheerful and inviting every time you look to relax.

If you have like-minded friends who also harbour the same interest for indoor plants, plant decorations and accessories just the way you care then there are plethora of choices one can make to make up for a greener living. There are vast varieties of accessories that can show off your indoor green in the most artistic way at the same time protect your surfaces and furniture too. There are varied options from saucers to plant stands that can make the whole look give an aesthetic feel.

Terra cotta pots are one of the creative and at the same time inexpensive ways to light up the mood for indoor plant pots. If you have the heart then you can find plenty of ways to decorate them and they would rather give their plastic counterparts a run for the glam and sheen.

Simple and Inexpensive Planter ideas

Choosing pots for potted plants is like selecting the right specialist to treat a particular disease or disorder. To put it even better choosing containers for house plants and potted planting mediums determine the overall health of plants. Replace the compost regularly and ensure that there is sufficient moisture retention and aeration.

Applying oil based enamel on terra cotta can make them look all dressed up while using them for housing beautiful flowers especially when spring time is round the corner. Getting a spray paint done and hanging them around grills in the veranda or near the porch can make the environment look paradise on earth.

Paper pots with some natural dye look great with colourful flowers when placed near entrances of the houses. Every container plants have special needs and it works great if those are addressed on time to have stunning displays of bright floral and green all round the year.

Chic Plant stands and trays that sync with the interiors

Plant stands and trays act as both decorative s well as authentic display of orchids, indoor flowers and terrariums. The beauty of the plants and the pots gets blossomed further when placed on trays and plant stands. Moreover self watering set ups and window sill planters complement modern living at the same time breath in fresh life. From the likes of miniature scenes, succulents, herbs, grass and ferns it is best to look for plants that are easier on maintenance.

Indoor gardening is all about experimentation. The more you try the better you learn to keep your plants happy.

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