We often neglect or ignore many areas in the house like the corridor, the hallway and the entrance. These are the passage sites in the property and considered as the edge of the house. It is the corridor and the entrance that welcomes you when you return back home after a tiring and hard day at work. And when guests visit your house the first impression is made when they pass through the entrance. The whole house will look uninviting when you neglect the entrance and corridor.

What better way to do than plant lovely and colourful flower pots and flower beds to bring some life to these areas in the house. Here are some planter ideas to make the corridor and entrance of the property bright and inviting.

Corner steps and boards

In the entrance of the house, focus on the corner steps and boards. To house colourful and attractive looking plants use cheap brick planters. This will add a rustic charm to the place. For the perfect look arrange plants in the most spotless manner.  

Square designs

Square designs can add a unique look to the entrance. To transform the way your house looks this is a really cool planter design idea. Clusters of square planters will impart an extremely stylish look to any entrance. It will give a dynamic appeal to the hallway.

Planters and Pots on the wall

If there is very little space in the front of the entrance an easy solution is to make use of the walls. Place planters on the wall. But do not use too many planters to avoid clutter and congestion.

Use the floor in the hallway

You can use planters if you have a long hallway and entrance. You can plant many medium and small plants in the planters and that is the biggest benefit of this kind of arrangement. For you as well as for the visitors of the house walking by the side of the planter will be a great experience.

Planters with no separate porch

If there is no porch in the house you can make planters with the same material used in making the house. It will look as if the planters are an integral part of the house. The planters can be of different shapes and sizes, and will enhance the appeal and appearance of the exterior of the house.

Flower pots

You can try flower pots if it is not possible to construct planters in your house. As per the décor of the house exteriors you can place pots in different shapes and sizes. When placed in a straight line some pots look good; when arranged in a different pattern some look good.

Side planters

This is a simple yet attractive method. On both sides of the entrance place two medium to large planters. It will impart a welcoming feel by making the entrance look fresh and green.