To turn a house into a home you need not only the right furnishing but the company of four-legged friends. But for your style and your pets to cohabit beautifully and peacefully under one roof you need to pet-proof your furniture. Here’s how…

  • To easily clean hairballs, hair and other dirt you can opt for stone, concrete, vinyl/laminate, wood with a polyurethane finish, or tiles, for flooring. Take a practical approach when it comes to cat or dog proof floors.

    pet flooring

    Keep pet nails trimmed to prevent scratching. Many pets find vinyl/laminate floors slippery and uncomfortable even though they don’t scratch easily. With area, rugs maximize your pet’s comfort and your style.

    It is best to avoid jute and sisal rugs because cats love to scratch them. They are not good if you have pet dogs because they tend to catch toenails.

    Better alternatives for a pet-proof home

    Polypropylene area rugs with low piles are better options. To hide stains opt for rugs with intricate patterns. Indoor-outdoor rugs that are easy to clean and durable are also a good option.

  • FURNITURE & FABRICS that are pet proof
  • Look for low-maintenance fabrics to dog or cat proof furniture:

    Like colours: For instance, opt for a brown sofa if you have a chocolate lab so that the fur will be a lot less visible.

    Synthetics: With a touch of soap and a damp sponge it is easy to clean synthetics. Faux suede is a good choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is kid and pet-friendly and is easy to care for and durable.

    Slipcovers: Opt for a stylish slipcover that’s uncomplicated to remove. Throws and blankets are great options.

    Zack and Max love to join you in bed? Instead of a comforter opt for a duvet cover that is machine washable. To give your pet a designated place to crash put down a throw or blanket, on the chair, sofa, bed, or floor.

  • Stay on top of grooming. Brushing and combing your pets is good for them and your furniture. For cats and dogs, regular nail trims and baths will help keep fabrics free of snags.

    Invest in a good brush that will gently pull up that loose undercoat.  

  • Give your pets a lot of toys to play with. Pets might look to your furniture if they don’t have playful distractions. Jute slung over the furniture or a heavy piece of leather might well suffice for those with an itch to scratch.

    You can buy a scratch pad and fit it on the wall. Cats love to have a play tree to sit on and will leave your sofa alone.

    Splurge on a vacuum

    Good vacuum cleaners are expensive but they are worth the investment as they will cut down your cleaning time. You can opt for handheld vacuum cleaners and canister stick.

  • Here are a few features and fabrics you might want to avoid.

    All things delicate. For instance, linen and silk.

    Pet hair magnets: Like velvet

    Wicker: Cats love to scratch on them