12 bright ideas to decorate your Patio and Garden

August 12, 2016

A patio makes for a superb and warm living space all through the summer months. Grow seasonal plants in the garden and patio and they will truly lift your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your patio and garden with unique touches, here are a few more creative decorating ideas.

Kamalam Uruli

A homemade canopy

Patios are the best place for organising an alfresco dining. However, the vagaries of the weather can be a problem when entertaining outside. A simple homemade canopy will solve this problem. You can choose any fluid fabric for a stylish covering.

Wooden benches

Wooden benches have been a part and parcel of any stylish patio and garden from time immemorial. But we suggest you give it a modern twist. Team the wooden benches with comfortable furnishing and make them look shabby chic. You can also place wooden chairs and dress them with patterned seat covers to project a farmhouse look.

Mood lighting

Apart from the furniture, focus on the lighting, which will set the mood on your patio. Use lanterns and fairy lights. Scatter cushions on the floor. A hammock is another generous option for any patio, and works for a small and large space alike. Also, use table lamps made from wire baskets that are heavy enough to stay put during storms.

For a contemporary overhaul

Any plain looking patio can be given a modern revamp by selecting sculptural furniture and add-ons. For instance, use vibrant accessories like colourful throw pillows, decorative plant holders, and patterned rugs.

Make the most of your space

When it comes to patios and gardens, size doesn’t matter. In fact, it is easier to dress up a small patio and garden. A small dining table and chairs with trendy cushions and tableware are all you need to give your patio or garden a unique look.

Matching furniture

If your patio or garden is frequently used as an outdoor dining area you can give the space a designer touch by adding matching furniture. The colour of the furniture can be the same as that of the exterior walls, and the space will look colour co-ordinated without much effort.

Shady trees

Outdoor living areas should feel comfy and sheltered. Trees with their straight trunks and spreading canopies will give a cosy feel to any outdoor space. They will give shade during the day. Decorate the trees with fairy lights for that magical glow at night.

Striped canopy

If you have a poolside entertaining space in your garden, use stripped fabric shades for the poolside terrace, and set up tables here for dinner parties. Place wicker sofas, assorted chairs, colourful throw pillows, and a coffee table. It will look adorable.

Garden fountain

Garden fountains are classy and elegant and can enhance the look of your garden or patio. They are amazing additions, which can bring life and motion to your patio and garden.

Garden swing bench

A garden swing bench or a hanging daybed will cost you a pretty penny, but it is worth it. It will give a homely vibe to the entire space, and is comfortable as well. Add climbing vines and exposed beams on the ceiling of your patio, and the space will look enchanting.

Opt for a small table that pops

Pick a small side table for your patio. It should be painted in bright colour. In short, it should stand out in the patio. Place a potted plant, and leave the rest of the space to keep your morning cuppa or your seven ’o clock Bloody Mary.

Plant a vertical garden

If you have a small patio and garden and worried about how to add a little greenery in the space, look up. Choose a vertical garden and see how the space comes to life.

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