Any sort of artful contrast in a room is a welcome change, and Pathumai Vase from Greymode is a perfect way to achieve that balance between elegant and playful.

Pathumai Vase portrays an abstract art of a woman. It is a true blend of innovation and tradition. It is great when filled with flowers or on its own, and can spice up any interior.

Pathumai, a unique decorative flower vase

When decorated with flower arrangements or a flower it effortlessly merges and becomes a part of the vase stimulating the look of a woman decked with flowers. You can use beautiful roses, sophisticated lilies, etc to decorate it. Use this creative vase to decorate your kitchen, living room, bedroom or wherever you spend most of your time and it will totally transform the look of the room. They look beautiful even in the most formal places like your office room or conference hall. These handcrafted vases are made using Fibre Reinforced Plastic and is hence durable, corrosion free and weather resistant.

Apart from Puthumai Vase, Greymode also has other unique artistic vases like Kombu Vase, Kalmaram vase, Moongil and Panai Vases. The design of each vase is distinct and unique. You can decorate them with different flowers and flower arrangements to augment its beauty when put together.

Apart from their unique designs, what makes Greymode decorative vases special is that they are very sturdy. They are unbreakable so that you can use them without any fear of breakage and is great for everyday use. An added advantage is that these vases have been designed to hold water for flowers and is corrosion free. They are ideal for gifting during special occasions and ceremonies like marriage, housewarming, birthdays etc.

 Greymode is also offering discount on all the vases. So what are you waiting for?