Modern vases are a study in design and creativity. They are artistic wonders that can evoke a sense of awe in the onlooker.


Modern Flower vase designs


The easiest way to bring warmth to any room is by adding a modern flower vase. An added advantage is that they look good all by themselves. Flowers will add more beauty to the vase. Another highlight is that most modern vases are designed in such a way that even with a single flower you can accentuate its beauty unlike a traditional vase which may require a bunch of flowers and ferns to decorate it.

One of the most adaptable interior design accents is flower vases, no doubt. The very best vases continue to provide aesthetic value and are constantly handy even when your favourite flowers go out of season. With modern vases you can easily showcase your creativity. They are the perfect accent pieces to light up any corner and are also useful housewarming gifts, which will be appreciated for their distinct stoke of creativity.  


Creative Flower Vase from Greymode


Here is a peek into some of the unique modern flower vase designs – some are artistic and interpretive while others are minimalistic and even surreal.

Creating an illusion

Porcelain is an all-time favourite choice when it comes to flower vases. Some of the modern vases come in two-parts to form the fantasy of a whale. And your favourite flowers will look like a lovely spray.

With a message

Some modern vases are much more than what meets the eye. For instance, some of them emphasize life and growth over destruction. They are great conversation starters, and make a big statement.

Futuristic appeal

Modern vases come in minimalistic designs too. A case in point is test tubes vases. They come in a cluster and are impressive with a futuristic appeal. They are easy to decorate as well. 

Chic and charming

There are modern vases that are chic and charming which can hold a small cutting of flowers.

Animal Imprints

Fun animal-themed vases look extremely stylish in any room. They will be a great addition, especially in your children’s room.

A taste of pop art

There are also vases that are pop art like with a cool vibe. They are eye catchy and make excellent gifts.

Statement pieces

Then there are modern vases shaped to look like a human heart, which are statement pieces handcrafted from blown glass.

Inspired by the Greeks

Some of the modern vases take inspiration from Greek statues. These would go great with a geometric interior theme.

A play of texture

Sculpturally minimalistic bud vases with smooth yet natural concrete texture will surely complement any interior style.

Innovative to the core

Modern vases are innovative and come in the most unthinkable designs. The Pipeline Vase collection is a case in point. It is not just an accessory but an architectural element. The organic nature of flower cuttings and the urban concrete aesthetics make a great contrast.

Stylish and utilitarian

Certain modern vases are especially designed to decorate your book shelves. These vases are not just stylish but utilitarian too as they help to keep your bookshelves organized.