We assign the job of cleaning mirrors and windows to someone else and pay them money. It is a bit of a challenge to get it streak-free. Even after all the spraying and wiping windows and mirrors may look dirty. But the task can be made simpler if you have the right tools and tips.

Washing Window

Clean From Top to Bottom

Clean from the top to the bottom if you really want your mirror or window to be streak free. The cleaning solution can drip down. To make sure that the cleaning solution won’t drip on to the glass surface begin at the top and work your way down.

Wash Windows on a Cloudy Day

If the sun is streaming in you can see the dirt on the glass better. However, the window washing fluid can become dry because of the sun and this can leave streaks and residue. The cleaning solution will stay until you clean it if you wash your windows on a cloudy day. For a brilliant streak-free shine wash your windows when there is a little sun.

Use a Squeegee

This simple tool can make a great difference. All of the cleaning solutions will not go in the first wipe itself. It will have streaks when you re-wipe areas. You can effortlessly polish each section of the window by using a squeegee. While cleaning tall windows a long-handled squeegee is a must. You can also clean shower walls using it.

Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Corners

To clean those hard to reach areas of the windows cotton swabs are the best. Residue seems to build up in the corners of the glass easily and it will be difficult to clean it. Using a cotton swab you can easily clean it!

Try an Old T-Shirt

To clean glass windows old cotton t-shirts are the best. They are absorbent enough and won’t have any lint residue.  

Try Homemade Window Cleaner

Homemade solutions won’t have any unknown chemicals and they will do the job well. By mixing a cup of water, a cup of rubbing alcohol and 1 tablespoon vinegar you can make the cleaning solution. You can use it on hard tiles as well for a nice shine.

Use Newspapers

To polish glass surfaces newspapers are commonly used. It works well but the newsprint can get on your hands.  When it gets wet the newspaper also doesn't hold up very well. But it is worth a try. Wear gloves so that your hands won’t get dirty!

Avoid Woodwork

The framed wood areas of our windows and mirrors will get damaged by window and glass cleaners. To absorb any drips place an old cloth on the windowsill or wood.