You can make your bed cozy not just during the winter season but even in summer too. Follow our tips.

Bring home a good quality mattress and headboard

It pays to invest in a good quality mattress. Whether you want a firm or soft mattress is a personal choice. If you already have a mattress, by creating a tufted headboard you can update your bed.

Buy extra soft and comfortable bedding

By choosing extra soft and comfortable bedding you can make your bed the coziest place on earth. Make the beddings as colorful as you want. Choose earth colors like brown, green, burnt orange or black if you want a Zen-like atmosphere in your bedroom.

Opt for soft duvets, comforters, bed covers and blankets. To make your bed softer and cozier you need to add more layers.

Always have an extra duvet

Choose duvets with removable covers and that are filled with silk wool or feathers. They are soft, fluffy and comfortable and will make you have better, longer sleep.

Use fluffy pillows

If you want a comfortable bed you need to have too many pillows. Always invest in fluffy, soft, willowy pillows otherwise your bed will look bare. If you prefer firmer pillows to keep your head on, combine this with softer ones which you can layer or hug while you’re sleeping.

Get a real down comforter

Want to feel as if you are sleeping on soft, fluffy clouds? A down comforter is the perfect buy. Down feather pillows, comforters, and blankets are a good investment. However, if you are allergic to feathers there are other equally soft alternatives available.

Hang fairy lights above your bed

This is best for a teenage girl’s bed. You can turn your teen’s bedroom into a magical place by hanging fairy lights above the bed. All you need is white string lights, which are often used in holiday displays. To enjoy the warmth of the lights at night hang them behind a thin curtain or sheet.

Turn your bed into a canopy one

Want to feel extra special? Then opt for a canopy bed. By hanging fabric from the ceiling using hooks, you can turn your existing bed into a canopy bed.

Buy a fluffy rug

You get to buy plenty of cheap fluffy rugs from thrift stores. When you wake up you can use it to lay your feet on the fluffy rug at the bottom of your bed. It will definitely add to that cozy touch.

Install a bedside lamp

A bedside lamp is a must in any bedroom. It is a good investment so that you don’t have to get up to turn off the lights at night after you do your night time rituals in bed. For a romantic mood opt for one which has varying dimness.

Make your mattress softer by placing a foam top pad

You can easily make your bed cozy with a pillow-top pad made from feather or foam. Before you put in the fitted sheets place the extra layer of foam on top of your mattress. This will make your bed extra warm and soft.

Go for linen beddings

For hot summer months linen beddings are the best. These are really expensive but look great and luxurious on your bed.

Linen is naturally textured and you don’t have to worry about the wrinkling of the sheets.

Use a faux fur throw to add some glam to your bed

To make your bed look extra cozy faux fur is one of the warmest items that you can add. It also gives a glamorous touch to your bedroom.

Make your bed every day

Make your bed every day even if you don’t have the time. After a long day at work a nice, made-up bed will make you want to get into it.