Lotus, known as the Bean of India, is called Nelumbo Nucifera in scientific parlance.

Lotus is an aquatic plant, which is found in and around the ponds and lakes of India.

The blossoming and closing has spiritual significance

Lotus has certain peculiarities. With the rising sun it blooms and it closes at night. This blossoming and closing signifies opening up of our minds and growing with the light of knowledge.


Lotus and our tradition


Lotus and its many uses

The seeds, flowers, leaf and even the roots of the lotus plant are edible. Lotus is considered as a sacred plant because of these extra-ordinary properties. As a result, it is used in various forms.

For instance, dried lotus seed heads are used for decorative purposes globally. For making various herbal teas lotus stamens are also used.

Lotus, the sacred plant

In India, lotus is considered as a sacred plant. It is associated with Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. Goddess Lakshmi holds lotus in each of her hands and sits on a lotus.

Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom, is associated with the white lotus. In fact, every Hindu God and Goddess like Vishnu, Brahma, Siva, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati, and Ganesha are shown sitting on the lotus, often holding a lotus flower in their hands. The unfolding petals of this flower represent the growth of the soul. The lotus plant grows in the mud and its origin holds a gentle sacred promise.

Even in slushy areas lotus grows. However, despite its surroundings, it remains pure and beautiful. That is a reminder that whatever situations we confront in our lives we too can and should strive to remain beautiful and pure within.

Lotus and our traditional literature

The Lotus plant has been mentioned in our traditional literature.

The Bhagvad Gita says, just like the lotus plant, which is untouched by water, one who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering to the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action.

So it is not without any reason that lotus plant is India’s national flower.

Lotus shaped decorative products

The lotus is a symbol of prosperity, beauty, and fertility. That could be the reason why lotus shaped decorative items have found a pride of place in modern homes.

You will find hanging lights, artificial floating lotuses, crystal lotus candle holders, metal wall arts, water fountains shaped after lotus plant with brass oil lamp on the top, lotus shaped urulis, which can be used to float candles and flowers and can also be used as birdbaths, and many more exquisite items. You will find such items not only in homes but also in spas, wellness centres, offices, etc.

Lotus shaped items are considered as classic designs, and the warmth and tranquillity they exude is immense.