Here are some living room rug ideas to fuel your imagination

Choose a dreamy blue rug for a coastal vibe

With a new rug and a few accessories, it’s easy to create a beach-inspired living room. An airy rug with floral or strips in neutral colors like white, Gray or beige, combined with ocean blues will be perfect.  

Bring home a pink area rug for a boho look

If you’re not too comfortable with light colours but would love to go a little boho a vibrant rug is the best. On the floor bright colors are easier on the eye, so go on and indulge. With just that perfect rug you can transform your living room instantly.

For a hip mid-century modern living room

Mid-century modern decorating is filled with clean lines and colorful furniture. To add vibrant colors most decorators rely on area rugs. The focal point in mid-century style is colored furniture and a bold patterned area rug.

Choose a tropical-inspired area rug for a relaxed feel

If you are not a fan of over-the-top décor but love the relaxed appeal of a tropical style a bold area rug should be your choice. A chair or sofa in big, vibrant patterns and colors would be too much but on the floor, they will strike the right tone. For a pulled-together look, you can choose artwork and throw pillows in accent colors from the rug’s palette.

Coordinate your living and dining room style using area rugs

Open home decor design is the current craze. While giving each space its own identity finding a way to tie two living spaces together can be a challenge. For a unique and unified look choose the right dining room rug. By choosing totally different patterns in the same colour or a shared colour you can tie your two spaces together easily.

Natural rugs with statement designs

The right rug can be a powerful presence in any living room. Around a statement rug, you can easily build your color scheme.

Gold accents are in

Brushed gold accents are everywhere right now. The easiest way to add a touch of gold is to have a beautiful neutral grey patterned rug with warm gold touches.

A living room rug makeover

The easy way to add color to your rental without picking up a paintbrush is by placing an attractive rug. Pair a colourful velvet sofa with a boho rug and see the magic unfold.

A weathered pattern for maximum versatility

Area rugs with the weathered trend look smart and pretty and enhance any decorating style. For beach-inspired, boho décor softly worn patterns work especially well.