The question for those who own small homes and studio apartments is how to make all the furniture work and serve 10 purposes and at the same time provide enough breathing space. A hub of a house is often the living room (that’s after the kitchen, of course). It’s possible to have a small living room that still feels spacious and at the same time that can do it all.

Getting creative in arranging the furniture can make a small living room look spacious. Elements like mirrors and art will add a personality to space. Whether the living is big or small there are often solutions to your woes. Here are a few style tips for you to open up small spaces.

Accentuate the Room’s Best Features

A small living room has to be approached strategically. The best way to make the room appealing is to assess the room’s assets and make those the focal point as much as possible. Draw attention to an artwork or fireplace if you have one. If it’s got great light, you can create a sense of expansiveness by playing that up with lighter colours.

Small living room ideas

Scale Down Furniture

Each piece of furniture has to be properly placed in a narrow living room. To save floor space choose wall sconces and leaner tables. Club chairs and tight-back sofas are best seating options. They will be just as comfortable even though they are less deep than loose-back options. Instead of choosing bulky workstations and bookcases consider a floating desk and wall-mounted shelves.

Get Creative with the Layout

To think beyond seating conventions is a challenge in limited space. To maximize conversation areas and space opt for built-in banquettes. Sofas can be placed back-to-back if the room is long but narrow.

Use Decor to Add Visual Interest

To draw your eye to different areas of the room have quite a few dissimilar lighting sources at diverse heights. It will make the room look interesting and a lot bigger. Built-in bookshelves or a piece of art that is a large attention-getter will balance scale. You can also add a bold wallpaper or accent wall or mirrors or artwork or eye-catching gallery wall.

Float a Selection of Furniture

Big furniture is often seen up against the walls in small rooms. But to serve a function you need to use the floor space in the middle better. To create a space for a conversation you can place an ottoman in the middle of the room. It can be used for seating and as a coffee table.

Try Café-Style Seating

A coffee table can be used to serve dinner, too. If there are only two inhabitants there is no need for a massive dining room table. Consider a café table that is round with two chairs in your living room to serve the purpose.

Fashion a Desk from a Console

Wide enough console can also serve as a desk without looking like one. You can place a lamp, books and even keys on top of it. Place an ottoman beneath it.

Delineate Functions Using Rugs

A rug just larger than the couch and matching chairs can be used to differentiate the floated sitting area in the middle of the room from the room's other functions.