The good ol’ table lamp can create a warm and cosy feel in any room. It can bring texture, colour, symmetry, contrast, and of course illumination when used right. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect table lamp.

Table Lamp

  1. Finding the Right Spot

Before you make the buy you must be sure where you want to put the table lamp. Take into consideration the height of the room and the distance from the bed or sofa or cosy chair next to it. A mistake that most people make is buying the table lamp then trying to fit it into a room.  If you are lucky it can work. But often the table lamp will look too tall, or short or bright for the room. Also, you might need a luminous one if it is for the side table in the living room, but a less luminous one if it is for a bedside table. So, before you start shopping clearly define the purpose of the lamp.

  1. Sizing Things Up

While buying a table lamp the trickiest part is choosing the right size for the room. The décor around the lamp and the height of the room should be taken into consideration. Opt for a shorter lamp if your bedside table is tall and vice versa. When you are seated or resting the bottom of the shade has to be at your eye level and that is the general norm.

  1. Play with the Style

A table lamp really has a style of its own. Sometimes it will be its body that makes a huge difference and in some cases, it will be the shade. So choose a lamp that will go with the style of your home. Also, you can use table lamps to give a completely different look to a room.

  1. A World of Colors

Most modern homes spot a neutral backdrop without any bold colours. In such décor, you can add some colour using table lamps. You can choose the body of the lamp in multi-colours or for an industrial vibe opt for sparkling copper table lamps.

  1. Shadows and Lampshade

The lamp shade and its size is another important choice to make. It is not just the style you need to consider but also the proportions and ergonomics of the shade compared to the body of the lamp. For more illumination choose a shade with a wider base.

  1. Attention to Detail

Do check how the shade is fixed to the lamp. In some lamps, it will be easy to change the shades while in others it will have a spider fitting. LED lighting is the preferred choice for table lamps as it can bring down the power consumption. But it is not possible to fit in LED lights in all table lamps, so check this out.

  1. Mix and Match

Try incorporating two totally dissimilar table lamps for a more distinctive look. To give the room visual balance opt for table lamps with similar geometric or colours! It is not necessary that the table lamp you choose should blend in with the style of the room. It can be used as accent lighting and can be totally different from the rest of the décor.