Greymode, which is known for their handcrafted fiberglass decorative products like uruli, fountains, accent tables and stools, and planters, have added one more unique product to their collection - handcrafted fibreglass vases that can pep up your interiors as well as outdoor space.

Kombu Flower Vase

These vases are both traditional and modern. You can fill them up with any flower of your choice or can be used as standalone accent pieces. Unlike ordinary vases, Greymode vases are quite sturdy as they are built using fibre reinforced plastic. They are quite lightweight as well. Since they won’t corrode you can use them daily by filling them up with water and use them for flower arrangements.

Their Kombu Vase deserves special mention. It takes inspiration from Pongal, the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. In Hindu temples drums, bells, conch shells and clarinets herald the joyous occasion of Pongal. Taking a leaf from the festival, the Kombu vase.depicts a graciously curved horn decorated with horn cap and bells portraying the bull horns decorated for pongal festival. It is simple yet elegant, and can be used to decorate both artificial and fresh flowers.

It has a glossy finish and is durable and weather resistant. They look great in pair. It is currently available in black. Greymode is planning to introduce different colour combinations of this vase.

They are ideal for gifting purposes as well as to add a classy look to your home. Greymode is currently offering discount on Kombu Vasu. Don’t miss this opportunity!