If you want to give your living space an ethnic touch, Greymode urulis are the best choice. Urulis are very much in demand these days and are used as statement or accent pieces to lend living rooms or hotel foyers or spas an ethnic feel. You can float flowers or candles in them for a unique touch. They can be used for decorative purposes at Indian weddings and other functions as well.

Greymode urulis are multipurpose bowls that can be used as decorative containers to float flowers or place decorative pebbles. They can double up as bird feeders or bird baths, too.

Kamalam Uruli

The new addition to Greymode’s wide range of uruli collection is Kamalam Uruli. It is elegant with a classic design depicting a lotus made of stone. It is a two-tier decor item, which can hold water at both levels and is perfect for decorating entrances, be it home or office. It has a brass lamp at the top to light up the uruli. And that makes it just apt to be used at special events and auspicious ceremonies.

Like the other creative urulis from Greymode, Kamalam Uruli is also handcrafted, light weight, weather resistant, and corrosion free. It is made using fiber reinforced polymer, and will look as if it is made of stone.

Kamalam Uruli makes an excellent gift item for special occasions and ceremonies like house warming, marriage etc. Greymode is currently offering a discount on Kamalam Uruli as well as other urulis.

Greymode has urulis in contemporary designs, which can be used as decorative items in a modern home. The Penguin Uruli is one such item. It is a decorative container with penguins adorning its surface. The attractive colours and real ice effects make it stand apart from other ethnic urulis. Seval Kuduvai also has a modern design. The decorative container is shaped like a contemporary style rooster, and can be used as a showpiece or a table décor in your garden, pathway or balcony.

Some of the other urulis from Greymode are Yaanai uruli, Maadu Uruli, Moongil Uruli, Thamarai Uruli, Maan Uruli, Meen Uruli, to name a few.

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