It is easy to give a cosy look to your interiors with vases. No wonder they play an important role in interior design accents. The very best vases continue to provide aesthetic value even when your favourite flowers go out of season and are consistently useful. You will find vases in different sizes, shapes and textures ranging from creative and interpretive to minimalistic and even unreal.

Kalmaram vase, an excellent eye catching decorative vase

 If you’re looking for home accessory inspiration or maybe ideas for practical housewarming gifts, the Kalmaram vase is an exceptional choice. It is quite distinctive with an earthy feel to it. You can decorate it with flowers or dry braches and is sure to stoke your creativity.

Kalmaram vase looks like driftwood but it is actually made using faux petrified driftwood and is an excellent decorative piece. It looks so natural that you will find it hard to believe that it is not made using natural driftwood. It is beautifully crafted with minute details and colours, and would appeal to those who love all things natural to lift up their interiors. Nature lovers would definitely go for it.

This home decor will be an attractive focal point if placed in any room and even in your garden or patio. This vase can be doubled as a decorative showpiece and would still be beautiful and eye catching without any flowers.

The added advantage of this handcrafted vase is that it is corrosion free, durable and weather resistant as it is made using Fiber Reinforced Plastic. It is also quite lightweight and won’t break like your glass or porcelain vase.

For any festive occasion Kalmaram vase make an excellent gift item. It is a stylish accent piece for any home or office and will give you the complete freedom to bring your creative flair when decorating your interiors.