Planters placed indoors or outdoors bring a fresh feel to the space. They can be placed near the windows, or positioned on the floor, in your home or office to bring a green and cosy touch to your living space. Greymode designs and create handcrafted fiberglass decorative planters that draw attention to your indoor or outdoor space.  

Kaalai Planter is a unique product from Greymode. It is a mix of innovation and tradition, just like Greymode’s other handcrafted products. It is a large decorative plant pot with the design featuring native Indian bull resembling the traditional Jallikattu bull of Tamil Nadu. The face design is carved in and the horns and the bell are carved out beautifully.

Kaalai Planter

This unique garden pot is best suited for landscaping. The designer outdoor planter is suitable for restaurants, cafes and other business establishments and even houses, and would be a focal point of an outdoor setting.

The Kaalai Planter is made of fibre reinforced plastic. However, the plant pot looks like it is made of clay. You won’t be able to tell apart that it is made of fibreglass. They are handcrafted, light weight, weather resistant, and corrosion free. Unlike other products, fiberglass can last for many years without any extra care from owners. Since Kaalai Planters are made of fibre reinforced plastic, they can be placed outside all year, including winter seasons, as they are frost proof and can stand winter freeze and thaw conditions.

It weights 9 kg and hence quite sturdy unlike the lightweight planters that are available in the market. Another advantage is that it can be drilled if required.

Kalaai Planters are the best addition for your outdoors. It will keep your plants healthy. It has the right mix of style and functionality with adequate space and drainage provision for the plants. It is contemporary yet rustic in its design.

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You can shop the product online, and it will be shipped within 3 working days and delivered in 2-3 days from shipping.