Have you ever wondered your urban lifestyle has taken all the music away from your life? Many people feel this way. They feel that their hope to stay close to nature has become a distant dream with life’s necessities dictating their days and nights, offering no time to stand by to smell the roses, except the occasional trips they take to the nearby countryside to take in the rustic aroma of nature. If you feel like you fit in the loop, you don’t have to, not anymore. You can find ways to invite nature right into your micro apartment with certain embellishments that you can add instantly to your apartment balcony or patio. Here, we have listed a few ideas to help you workout your plans to get close to nature, while you are still a resident of the city.


Indoor Decor Ideas


Go for smart renovations

If you are a bit more serious about this stuff and don’t mind going an extra mile in renovating your apartment, you can simply tear down a portion of the wall that is exposed to the street so that you get a wide space to try out your ideas. You can also extend the patio size to match and install a plain glass partition. This offers better ventilation and helps you enjoy the views even while lying on the bed. This is called an open plan design, which is quite popular these days.

Choose the right furniture

Instead of opting for plastic and metal seating, you can go for natural and rustic elements like bamboo, cane or wood furniture for your outdoor seating. This way your apartment is opened from the inside out for better air circulation. If you feel the weather conditions in your city would ruin your wooden furniture, FRP furniture is your next best option. Fiber Reinforced Polymer is used to make furniture in unique designs. There are several nature inspired designs that resemble natural bark of a tree. You can use stools and benches that sync with the surrounding nature.  Moreover, FRP products are designed to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Add native flora

Accommodate some planters and raise native plants that attract bees. This is a wonderful idea to promote pollination too. Choose flowering plants like the Paneer Rose and Ixora Coccinea, commonly called as Idly Poo. These plants invite bees and butterflies like no other. You can also add creepers like the good old jasmine. Imagine the captivating aroma that fills the air every evening. Planters can also be used as bird feeders and bird bath. With temperatures rising tremendously during summer, a bird bath and a bird feeder sounds like an excellent idea to keep tiny adorable birds paying their visits every now and then. It is indeed a smart way to befriend these little buddies.

Add water features

You can choose a nature inspired water fountain like an arrangement of pots, rocks or bamboo sticks. With a water feature like this, you don’t have to have any extra music to entertain you. Just the sound of fresh water trickling slowly and steadily calms and soothes your mind after a long day at work.

Moongil Uruli

You can also opt for a traditional uruli instead of a fountain. Place an uruli filled with cool water and place your favourite flowers in it. You can also choose a wide and deep uruli filled with water and add a couple of tiny colourful fish.

Lounging in a place like this and sipping a hot cup of coffee in your late evenings is a million dollar experience and you will never regret your efforts, ever but only feel thankful to be able to stay close to nature while leading an urban lifestyle.