Inspiring Garden Water Features

June 28, 2016

There is nothing more relaxing that sitting beside a pond or water fountain in your backyard. Water features give a tranquil and natural feel to any garden. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or a busy city, a water feature in your garden can have a calming effect on you. You can create a piece of heaven in your garden by adding a water feature. An inspiring garden water feature can be the focal point of your landscaped garden. It will look unique and attract wildlife.

We suggest a few tips to help you enhance your garden using inspiring water features.

Inspiring garden water features

Create a pond and fountain

The supple splatter and soothing sound of a fountain bring life and activity to the backyard. Water blends into the foliage in your garden. You can add a pond, artificial river or fountain to your garden and make it stand out. If you have a big garden, water features will make it look more attractive. For smaller spaces you can add portable water fountains. With the right accessories, and correct positioning, they can make your outdoor space look more warm and cozy.

Use decorative containers

You can use urulis, which are multipurpose bowls, as decorative containers in your garden to float flowers or place decorative pebbles. You can also use them as bird feeders or bird baths. 

Minimalist and antique garden water features

If you want to create a modern garden space, add minimalist water features and use natural substances like bamboo. For giving a classic touch to your garden use antique water features. You can place statues that can double up as water fountains. Use small fountains and ponds for smaller gardens.

Create a natural habitat for fish

You can bring your ponds and fountains to life by adding fish to it. However, it is not easy to maintain a pond with fish. You have to feed them and also clean the pond regularly. This is not a good idea if you have pets at home.

Plant pond plants

If your garden gets sufficient sunlight you can add pond plants to your water features and fountains

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