Maintenance and care for your indoor water features take very little time and attention. All you have to do is check and maintain them regularly, and they will last for many years. Here are a few pointers on how to maintain your indoor water features.

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Most people are unsure about how often they should clean indoor water features. Check and clean the water of your indoor water fountain or indoor water wall every seven to 10 days and clean your fountain every two to three months. The water features contain water pumps and filters and you should periodically clean the pump and filter, too.  

Check the water level

There should be enough water to submerge the pump. The water in the indoor water fountain or indoor water wall acts as a cooling agent to the pump. Check the water level because if there is not enough water to submerge the pump, it will start to run dry and ultimately burn out. And the pump will get damaged beyond repair. If the water level is low add water to your indoor water fountain or indoor water wall. You should also change the water every month to prevent the formation of algae.

Don’t turn the power on and off frequently

To keep your indoor water feature clean, your fountain pump should be motorized constantly. This is also vital if you want your pump to last longer. Turning the power off frequently may cause the motor in the pump to wear out fast. Turn the power off only while cleaning your water feature.

Scrub, scrub, scrub

Switch off the pump while cleaning the indoor water feature. You should clean the water feature using warm water and dish soap. Scrub nicely inside the fountain using a sponge. If your indoor water feature has rocks, you must scrub them as well. Clean the pump by scrubbing. After disassembling the pump clean the filter using cool water. All the filth and rubbish should be cleaned. Take care to remove excess cleaning material, if any, using a rag cloth. After cleaning, put the pump together and fill it with water and switch on the pump. Make sure that the pump is submerged under water before you start it again.

Use distilled water

An easy way to keep your fountain clean and prevent the growth of algae is to use distilled water. If you are using tap water, the minerals in the water can harden and build up on the walls of your fountain and the pump. This will make it difficult to clean the water feature.

Check water quality and temperature

Maintaining your indoor water feature is not a tough task. Just keep these three things in mind - water level, quality, and temperature. If these three things are well maintained your water feature will work without any trouble for many years. Check these three elements every 7-10 days to prevent any algae build up. You might find the care and maintenance of your indoor water feature a bit difficult initially. However, if you start doing it regularly you will find it easy.