It is a task to keep kids’ bedrooms neat and tidy as it can get messy easily. Here are a few tips to keep it organised.

Organising kid's bedroom

Give them tasks

According to their age you can give them responsibility. Make them clean up their room and if they keep it tidy for a week give them rewards.

Create zones

Create clearly specific kid zones so cleanup is easier and faster. Have separate areas for clothes, sleeping, sitting, toys, changing, and anything else specific to your child’s needs. It will also make it easier to find things if you ensure that everything stays in these areas.

Don’t keep too many toys in the bedroom

Keep only your child’s favourite toys in the bedroom. Some children are afraid of dolls. They might play with them during the day but at night they would like to keep them away from the bedroom. Such toys can be kept downstairs.

Embrace the Power of the Bookshelf

Bookcases can fit many needs. You can use them to store many other things apart from books. Activity books can be kept away from the bedroom. But short books they love to read before they go to sleep can be kept in the bedroom.

Recycle clothes

Children grow out of their clothes quickly. So it is necessary to keep cleaning their wardrobes every few months. You may want to keep the clothes if there are younger children. Otherwise you can give them away for charity.

Think like a child

Your organizing system should match the way they use their toys. Play like they do by getting down to their level. Know their favourite toys, discover their favourite hide-outs, and see how high your child can reach. This will help you to organise their room as they would like it.

Use vertical space

To keep things off the floor and maximize the space, use wall-hung storage. Display everyday items where they can reach them and keep infrequently used items on the top shelves.

Employ Double-Duty Furniture

To save on space use furniture with built-in storage. Children’s room should be free from clutter. It should be a place for them to learn, create, play and relax.

 Use appealing colours and characters

Children’s clothes and toys are bright and vivid for a reason. To make cleanup more fun choose storage decorated with vibrant hues and with their favourite characters.

Choose Items That Grow With Your Child

Invest in solid storage pieces (dressers, bookshelves, cube storage) that they can use well into their teenage years.