Bamboo is a woody grass that is known to be the fastest- growing plant in the world. It has become a popular material choice in architecture and design projects because of its sustainable qualities and hard wearing characteristics as it has a higher compressive strength that concrete or wood. Bamboo wood rivals the tensility of steel. Bamboo is lucky and is considered to bring good fortune in many cultures

Bamboo furniture compliments well antique decors and modern decors. It adds a natural accent, while it still looks simple and minimalist. Reasons to use bamboo in interior design are manifold. The color of bamboo adds a lot of character to any living space



The interior design industry has experienced a huge demand for sustainable designs and has been leaning towards eco- friendly material. With this in mind bamboo for décor is an excellent idea. Sustainable design can be achieved through the usage of materials that have minimum amount of  environmental impact. Bamboo decoration plants are undeniably a part of this sort of eco friendly inspired décor. Not only do people search for stylish and trending designs, but also opt for materials that are healthy. Thus the use of bamboo in interior design comes to play.




·    Durable flooring    

Bamboo flooring is one of the most antiquated and versatile uses of bamboo are in the form of flooring. The primary demand for flooring material is

that it should be unaffected by environmental conditions such as expansion and contraction.

Bamboo possess all these all these properties. That is one of the reasons why bamboo is used in construction of houses in earthquake-prone areas. Even hardwood floors are prone to climate changes. When it comes to installation and maintenance of bamboo flooring everything you need to know is in this blog

·        Bamboo in our bathrooms

For bamboo themed bathroom look you should remember to keep it simple and minimalistic.

Bamboo can be used as a partition between bedroom and bathroom. It can be used as tooth brush holders and a wide range of bamboo tooth brushes are available and advocated for their eco friendly nature. Wood made from bamboo shoots has greater density and can withstand steam as well as high temperatures and doesn’t decompose easily. Such bathrooms are quite relaxing as the light amber interiors give off an aura that is quite ‘spa’- like.

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·        Bedroom

Bamboo blinds are an elegant and cozy addition to your bedroom. Bamboo crafted beds are ultra-durable and very sturdy, they will serve you well for years to come and also will give a character and artistic look to your bedroom. Bamboo furniture can give a rustic charm and sophisticated style to your bedroom. Bamboo mattress are a new wave of innovation which are aimed towards peaceful sleep

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·        Living room

Bamboo wall decoration, wall inserts or cladding installed with bamboo poles goes well in the living room. A simple DIY you can try is installing a panel of bamboo provided with LED lights, to emanate a warm and welcoming glow. Bamboo chairs and Bamboo curtains are unarguably a classic addition to your living rooms. Bamboo laced walls gives off a tropical yet modern oriented feel to the living space. An interesting bamboo décor idea would be adding a gorgeous bamboo inspired tea table can be perfect for evoking a bohemian look in your decors. This moongil table is made out of reinforced fiber plastic so to evoke the feeling of a rustic bamboo look but sustain the durability given the material is pretty solid. Another tip to achieve this décor with bamboo sticks into a rustic bamboo inspired vase which will give an aesthetic look.Bamboo plants in your living room can be relaxing and calming.

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·       Kitchen

Bamboo being a low- maintenance and moisture-resistant material, it can be used on the counter top of the kitchen. It could act as a contrasting element to the semi-glossy stainless steel kitchen. Apart from this, it can also be used on the dining table counter tops and also for utensils.

·        Serene and sensational garden

Bamboo plant is a plant that requires little care and maintenance hence a bamboo garden is an easy option to construct your garden. Bamboo is extremely versatile. It absorbs more atmospheric carbon dioxide than most hardwood trees and emanates 30% more volume of oxygen. Some bamboo décor plants you can plant in your garden are Chinese water bamboo, Goddess of Mercy's plant, Belgian evergreen, and ribbon plant. In order to facilitate better ventilation, interior gardens are advisable. A tip to bring about a more bamboo rustic modern chic is to add bamboo inspired Moongil planters in which you can plant your plants. This specific bamboo decoration planter is perfect for pathways, patios and entrances.


                                  It is undeniable that this style inspired brings great peace and serenity all around you and provide you with an all round peaceful atmosphere. If you live in a tropical environment it is even more adaptable and easier to incorporate this look.