Without spending any money you can update your space by moving the furniture and even painting them. You will surely find forgotten treasures if you search your home. Use what you have instead of buying new items. Also, with fresh eyes look at what you already use.

These three steps will get you started:

Explore every nook and cranny for forgotten items. Do a walk-through of your home, and take a note of all things you would like to have repaired.

The make the process faster and easier take photographs of the items you would like to shift to another room or repair.

Instead of adding items try to remove a décor item or a piece of furniture. Sell it or paint it or try it in a different room.

Give new life to an old twin bed

You can easily transform an old mattress or better still an old twin bed frame into a chic daybed. All you need is a few pillows and a pretty coverlet. Cover the mattress with a sofa fabric to give it a more sofa-like look. Select anything with pretty trim or a heavy linen.

Dress up your walls with dishes

 Look into your cupboard and you are sure to find a pile of pretty dishes hiding out inside. By creating a wall display you will be able to appreciate them. To anchor the arrangement, try incorporating one larger platter in the center.

Put an unused desk to work

Desks of all sizes and shapes can be put to good use. For instance, you can use them to display a few favourite objects, or can be used as a convenient spot to place house and car keys, or as a console table.

Put dressers to good use

To use as changing table dressers (the long, low type) are usually perfect because of their height. The ample storage in the drawers is an added bonus.

Create a unique display space with a coffee table

The coffee table’s place is not just to sit in front of the sofa. When pushed against the wall it can be used to showcase your favourite curio collection.

Change your current coffee table

You can freshen up your living room fast by changing your coffee table. Use a wooden bench or steamer trunk as a coffee table. It would certainly be a conversation starter.

Cut a table down to size

You can increase or decrease the length of a table. To use as coffee table all you need to do is shorten the height of simple desks, consoles and kitchen tables.

Decorative displays using architectural elements

Let your creativity take wings. Old shutters, doors and windows can be put to good use with a little bit of creativity and some paint.

To house photographs you can use window panels. You can even make a unique table by fastening them to a base. Create floating shelves using old brackets. Make a new headboard using doors and shutters.

Move the dresser to another room

The best furniture you can own is a dresser. They have both storage and display space and are hence versatile. You can move them from the bedroom to the entryway or to use as a buffet put one in the dining room. Give them a shabby chic look by painting your old dresser with chalkboard paint. Write with chalk on the drawer fronts and keep supplies organized.