It is not just us humans who face the side effects of heat and dehydration because of the rising temperatures during the summer. Plants also bear the brunt of the scorching sun. But you can make summer the best season for your plants with proper care and by taking some precautions.


How to take care for plants this summer


During winter the growth of plants is almost stunted. Summer is the time for regeneration and growth for plants.

To help your plants make the best of this growing season follow these easy tips.

More water, please

To make up for the lack of humidity in atmosphere water your plants more than you normally do. Potted plants can’t grow deep into earth in search of water, so they need special care. According to the plant type and soil the quantity of water would vary. But make sure that the soil is moist at all times of the day.

Add clay to sandy soil

Try mixing some amount of clay to your pot soil if it is sandy. Sandy soil becomes dry easily. You can retain the moisture by mixing it with some clay.

Cover the soil

To retain the moisture of the soil you can cover the top layer of the soil with mulch, containing twigs, wooden pieces, and dead plant leaves. Apart from retaining the moisture content, it will also provide extra fertilizer for the soil. You can also cover the soil with small pebbles.

Keep potted plants in clusters

Instead of keeping potted plants scattered keep them in a cluster. This way they will face sun from only one side. The water loss will be only from the external sides.

Avoid evaporation

To avoid evaporation of the water during summer, water the plants just after sunset or during early morning.

Prune the plants

To avoid excess loss of water trough transpiration trim the plants by removing unnecessary foliage.

Provide more fertilizer

In summer the soil need more fertilizer for the extra energy requisite of the plant after the inactive winter season, and to sustain their high growth.

Root out weeds

To ensure that the water and nutrients meant for your plants are not used up by weeds remove all the weeds out of the plant soil. You must clear our weeds from your lawn grass as well. Around each plant maintain some empty space.