Styling in home decor depends on your taste. Your lifestyle and design aesthetic may be entirely difficult when compared to that of others. However, when you check top-pinned images, Instagram accounts and magazines, you will find similarities. No matter your taste you may begin to open the secrets to fool-proof styling. Here are some secrets of putting together a beautiful coffee table.

Coffee table in living room

Create varying heights

An interesting visual story can be created using varying heights. But when putting together a coffee table you need to be very careful. You don’t block your TV viewing so it’s better not to keep things that are too high. To display other decors you can stack coffee table books. This will help you to create varying heights in a subtle way.

Use a tray to gather goodies

The secret weapon of decorating is, of course, beautiful trays. You may have displayed a handful of items and they might look cluttered. Using a tray you can arrange your coffee table artfully. To bring styling to your coffee table trays are a great tool. You can choose any kind of tray to keep coasters, books, flowers and personal trinkets to bring organization to the mélange of items. When you want to use the table you can just move the tray. It will be easier instead of picking one item after the other.

Bring in something living

To instantly perk up your space bring in plants or fresh flowers into your decor. For a beautiful seasonal touch bring in fresh cut flowers. You can also keep an easy to maintain succulent.

Add in a dish or bowl

For keeping remote and coasters a wide accent dish or bowl is also great. This works well if you don’t have too many items for display. It will add texture and personality to the table.

Light a candle for ambience

The humble candle is another secret weapon to accentuate the décor. On a tray or on top of books place a candle. It will add a designer touch to the entire room. This will work well, especially when you are entertaining. It will set the mood for the evening. Use decorative candles for the purpose.

Bring in decorative objects that have a story

To show off little private objects that tell your story a coffee table is a great place. On top of some books or on a tray stack items of varying sizes.

Keep it simple

To add beauty to a coffee table all you need are simple things. Show restraint! Strip away most of the decorative objects if you're looking for a more subtle look. You can keep a few books and a plant in a beautiful planter for some colour and height.

Happy decorating!