You have a special occasion like a get together coming around and you are just not sure how to renew the look of your front porch. We would like to give some cool insights about how you can instantly transform the look of your front porch within your budget.

Front Porch

One of the fastest ways to amp up the curb appeal of your porch is by adding a suitable water feature like a fountain. If your house is located at the junction of two neighborhoods and if you find the location to be a bit noisy, a fountain can be great to offer you some privacy to celebrate a special occasion without any interference. Fountains come in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary designs that can work for a porch, large or small. A multi-deck fountain helps in reducing the noise around by allowing the sound of trickling water to engulf the porch area, offering privacy.

You can use a traditional uruli if you don’t want to go for fountains. An uruli at the doorway can do a lot to the surroundings. A simple uruli with fresh jasmine flowers floating is a pleasant and refreshing sight. Apart from the traditional single bowl design, urulis are now available in several designs.

If you have enough space in your porch to accommodate a few chairs, you can bring in a table and a couple of chairs for a nook where you can entertain your guests. If you want an alternative to the regular chairs, you can go for some unique garden furniture to sync with the rest of the decor. Today, several designs are inspired by the various elements of nature, which is depicted in the furniture.

Add a few lively accents by offering room for some plants. You can bring in some potted flowering plants that flower year round. You can also buy decorative planters in which you can place the flowering shrubs of your choice. They work wonders as a soundproof screen and also as a hedge and ground cover. This arrangement also gives a little green space and purifies the air around.

You can add a few more accents to make your porch stand out. Color the entrance door with a bright color like Reds, oranges, blues, aquas, greens and yellows. A pop of color leading into your home infuses your personality into the exterior of your house in a meaningful and contained way.

Adding such selective decor to your front porch serves as a reference point for guests to spot you. It also adds much needed contrast and color to an otherwise predominantly muted palette. You can also add a couple of decorative lights to add a little glow in the evening. This will highlight the rest of the decorative accents even at night.