How to Protect Your Furniture While Moving

February 05, 2018

While moving house the biggest tension for most people is how to transport furniture without any damage. Here are some tips to protect your furniture while moving.

Know What You Have to Move

First, make a list of all your items. Ask your movers and packers how much time they will take to disassemble the furniture.

Measure Hallways and Doorways

Before you start moving your furniture you must have a basic idea what all will fit through all hallways, doorways, stairwells or elevators. You can move some of the furniture without disassembling.  But to move large pieces like beds and cupboards, you may need to remove doors.

If possible it is better to keep furniture in one piece, because disassembling will damage it. However, certain furniture will be safer if you disassemble them. Take for instance your dining table. The legs are fragile and hence it is always better to remove table legs before moving. Otherwise they might break while moving.

In order to move it, first you must know the furniture that needs to be taken apart.

Get the Right Tools and Equipment

This is the second step. To disassemble any table tops, legs, frames or doors select the right tools. You will also need a permanent marker and plastic bags. For pieces that are fragile or valuable as well as for table legs and table tops, make sure you have packing tape and furniture blankets that can be used to cover and guard them.

Disassemble First

Disassembling is a time consuming process so first make a list of all items that have to be disassembled before moving other items. Remove all the pieces that can be removed like glass tops, shelves, table legs, or bed frames. Take a plastic bag to put nuts, washers and bolts.  

How to Make sure Parts Don't Get Lost

On the underside of larger pieces tape the bags with nuts and bolts. If the piece of furniture has lots of parts, number them using stickers on each part.
Pack them in a separate box if they are too large, and mark the box "instruction manuals for furniture".

Pack Anything that Can be Packed

In clear, plastic garbage bags (without any holes) pack pillows and cushions. To protect fragile pieces also these bags can be used. Use bubble wrap or blankets to wrap the pieces and protect them. Secure them with rope or tape. Don’t use sticky tape on finished or painted surfaces.

Before you move do not clean furniture or upholstery. It is better to first move them and then clean them thoroughly after they reach your new home.  

Wrap and Protect Fragile and Valuable Pieces

To cover your valuables you can rent moving blankets from movers and packers. To protect your furniture wrap these blankets around them. Keep the blanket secured using a tape.

Load Heavy Furniture on the Moving Truck First

Make sure you know how to load the truck if you have rented a moving truck. Couches or sofas, table tops, appliances, chests and dressers should be placed at the back of the truck and hence they should be loaded first.

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