Welcoming houseguests involves more than just creating a comfortable place to sleep. You need to ensure that the time spent with you is memorable and make them feel welcome. Here are a few tips.

House guests room

Set Out Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are used not just for decorative purpose. The problem of a too-deep sofa is instantly corrected with a layer of cushions. But remember, there has to be enough space for people to sit so avoid over-accessorizing a small sofa.

Offer Light Reading

Encourage visitors to take books home with them. You can also fill the guest room with good books.

Scents for bedroom

Soothing scents can have a calming effect. Choose essential oils for your guest bedroom. You can keep a bottle of frankincense essential oil or pure essential aromatherapy oils like Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli or Rose on the nightstand.

 Keep Lighting Dim

In low lighting, everyone feels and looks better.

On your overhead fixtures, especially in the dining room, consider installing dimmers.

Offer Storage Space

To stow bags and coats give visitors an obvious spot. All you need is a row of hooks or pegs in a foyer.

Place Furniture Strategically

To sit and talk comfortably you need to arrange furniture in a comfortable way.

For people to talk eye-to-eye chairs and sofas should all be about the same height. There is no need for matching them.   

Accessorize Conveniently

Position small side tables next to living room seating to set down drinks

Create Comfort

For a good night's sleep provide extra blankets.

To prevent guests from having to search place a warm throw or two at the end of each bed.

Add a Colorful Touch

For fresh flowers keep little vases on hand.

Select vases that require only very few blossoms. They can be kept on the bedside tables.

Create a Comfortable Space

For toiletries provide a handy surface.

Provide a stool, table or cabinet, so that guests need not keep their stuff on the edge of the washbasin.

For Necessities Provide Teacups

For basic necessities pretty containers bring elegance. Provide buttons or cotton balls in a teacup and place them on the washroom counter.

Offer a Seat

A place for a suitcase is something you should always have in a guest bedroom. Provide a bench near the bed so that people can sit and remove shoes as well as keep their luggage.

Provide Nightstand Goodies

The essentials for nightstands include an alarm clock, a bottle of water, a light for reading, and a box of tissues.

Set Out a Beverage Stand

In different rooms set portable tray tables and stock each one with an ice bucket, mixers, liquor, and glasses.

Supply Yummy Nibbles

Throughout your home place light snacks like dry fruits, olives, fresh fruits, etc.