You need a bit of perseverance and patience to match carpet colours and paint. It is not possible to determine the right colour just by looking the paint chip. You will get only a minimal view, and once it’s on the wall it changes. You need to check colours under all types of lighting and for that you need time. However, the end result will be rewarding.

Natural Light Effects

The color perception is affected by the amount of natural light in a room and as the sun moves during the daylight hours it causes subtle changes to carpet and wall colors. Based on which direction the windows face in the room the intensity of the light changes. You get a hint of blue light in rooms with north-facing windows, and this will get accentuated if the walls are pale and the carpet is blue. The warm oranges produced by the sunset glow are well-received in west-facing rooms. And if there are reds, oranges and yellow on the walls and carpet the colours get saturated.

Testing Color Choices

When you begin the selection of paint chips and colors bring a sample of the carpet with you. Inside the store’s bright lights compare them and for the perfect match compare in the direct light outside as well. After narrowing the colours take them home and hang them on the wall. For a comparison inside the home first hold them against the carpet sample. To notice the colour changes check the paint chips at various times of the day in the room. Then make the selection.

Paint Samples

You need to have paint samples and not just paint chips to determine the right colour to match your carpet. Paint a wall next to the carpet that gets a lot of natural light. Periodically observe the colors on the wall to find what works best for the carpet. To avoid redos this is essential.

Nighttime Sampling

Examine your paint samples under different types of lights and not just after the daylight has faded. The wall colour is impacted by LEDs, compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. For more warmth you need incandescent bulbs. Certain hues are drained by fluorescent lights. Against a beige carpet, a beige on the wall may appear green. You will be able to settle on the best colour to match your wall to the carpet by comparing the paint samples on the wall in electric light and daylight. It is always best to choose the color that works best in different lighting options.

Metameric Color Effects

For most carpet colors metamerism comes into play although it doesn’t affect all colors. Colors in the neutral family like taupe or tan and beige; gray-blues and grays; shades and tints of light purple, lilac and mauve are most likely to change based on different lighting sources. It is not that difficult to match a blue, dark green or red carpet, as metameric changes doesn’t affect these colors easily.