We love pets like family. However, it’s difficult to deal with all the smells that come along with them. And no matter how well you decorate your home, the one thing that guests remember will be pet odor, from just general pet odor to bad breath and litter boxes.

The good news is it’s possible to minimize household pet odors. Here are some of our favorite tips.

  1. Clean your house on a regular basis.

This is something very obvious — if you want to get rid of unwanted pet odors you have to keep your house clean. A few of the most important tasks that you must frequently complete is washing fabrics, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming.

  1. Groom your pet.
  • To keep your home smelling nice another must is to frequently groom and clean your pet. You must give them frequent baths, clip their nails and even brush them.
  • If your pet will allow it you must also brush their teeth.
  • Grooming service is a better option if you have a particularly difficult candidate.
  1. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Pet’s Stuff.

You need to keep not only your pet but also all their accessories well maintained. On a weekly basis clean your animal’s toys, bedding, cage, dishes, and litter box.

  1. Be Smart About the Litter Box.

Here are a few tips to maintain your cat litter:

  • If possible have at least one litter box per cat.
  • When it comes to selecting a litter box to choose a litter box that is large enough that your cat doesn’t accidentally go outside of the box. To contain any odors preferably choose one with a filter and cover.
  • Try a few different brands and stick to the right litter for you and your pet(s).
  • As an added defense against odor, mix baking soda into your cat’s litter.
  • At least once daily, scoop the litter box. If that is difficult then choose one that automatically does the work for you. Make sure you place the litter box in the most contained spot in the house. It can be a bathroom or a basement.
  1. Air Out Your House.

To improve your home’s air quality consider opening windows and doors once a week or at least for ten minutes every day.

  1. De-Odorize Floors.

To help absorb any trapped odors sprinkle baking soda on carpets a few hours before vacuuming them.

  1. Cover It Up.

Use scents like carpet fresheners, cleverly placed dryer sheets, plug-in air fresheners, scented candles, and sprays.

  1. Change Your Filters.

Replace any filters in your home on a regular basis. And clean air ducts periodically.

  1. Take Care of Your Furniture.

If you allow pets on your furniture then choose your furniture wisely. When compared to fabric, leather is more pet-friendly. A more durable option is metal and it is easier to clean as well. Place a throw in the spot where your pet always sleeps or lounge.

  1. Choose Rugs Wisely.
  • Pick rugs that are easy to clean (like the indoor-outdoor variety).
  • Even after doing all this you still have a strong pet odor lingering in your home, it’s time to call the professionals.