For a lot of apartment dwellers, a lavish roof garden isn't a reality. But the good news is even if your balcony is really tiny with hardly any space to step outside, you can still convert it into a cool outdoor retreat. Here are a few tips:

Apartment Balcony

Use planting of different heights and sizes

Use both tall plants as well as shrubs. Tall ones will draw the eye upward while shrubs of same sizes will bring an organized look to the balcony. Also, place flowering plants in boxes and hang them on the rail so that it won’t take up the valuable floor space. You can even have a rail-mounted table, which you can use as a coffee table. That way you can avoid cluttering up the balcony with table legs.

Comfy bench & hammock

If you have a pretty standard apartment balcony you can elevate it to a resort-worthy retreat using a comfy wooden bench for a rustic feel. Fill it up with lots of cushions and pillows for a warm look. Add a hammock and you have a cool retreat.

An outdoor room

An L-shaped sofa can be a great addition to your balcony. To enhance the feeling of being in an outdoor room add a colourful rug and side tables. Use a shelf to place plants so that you won’t end up sacrificing floor space.

A little seating

If you don't have space or sofa, you can create a small seating on your balcony using cushions piled on top of crates.

Create a small bistro

Even a small balcony can be turned into a bistro. Use bamboo plantings to screen the balcony from the street below and add a coffee table and chair.

Maximize furniture and plants

To create the feeling of a garden place relatively small plants on all sides of the balcony and place two chairs and a table. It would be a great place to drink your morning coffee or relax in the evening with a book.

Pick small pieces

You can have furniture and plants even in a tiny balcony. Outside the railing hang plants and pick furniture that doesn’t occupy much space.

Stuff it with plants

Place a lot of plants on the balcony and it is ok even if there is no place to move around. You can still bring the outdoors in just by opening the doors.

A fitting cushion is all you need

Even if yours is a little bitty balcony you can still turn it into a place to curl up and relax by fitting in a large cushion.

Remember, sometimes size really doesn't matter when it comes to outdoor spaces!