A vertical garden is not just for those who love gardening but have space constraints. It can beautify even large spaces. For making a beautiful vertical garden all you need is an empty wall or an exposed fence. You can hang or place planters in any colour and shape, and grow herbs or ferns in them. We give you a few creative ideas to make impressive vertical gardens using planters.

vertical gardens using planters

Hang a pegboard

Pegboards are not just for kitchens or office rooms. You can hang planters on a pegboard to make a vertical garden. You can cover an entire wall in a studio apartment with a pegboard and hang planters if you’ve got space to spare.

Install wire frames

For a flexible vertical garden all you need is inexpensive steel mesh, a few cheap hooks and planters. You can simply fix wire frames to the wall or ceiling, and effortlessly suspend planters wherever you like.  

A room divider

To give a large room an airy and open feel build a set of shelves and fill them with enthusiastic plants. You can also use readymade shelves bought from stores and can be used as a room divider.

Terracotta planters on an old fence

If you have a small backyard space with an old fence, you can brighten the space using a few colourful terracotta pots. A few hanging hooks will hold the pots in place.

Put shelves up (and up and up)

If you have a room with ultra-high ceiling put shelves up. They could be placed at different levels. And deck them up with lovely, colourful planters with your choice of indoor plants.

Hanging planter

You can make a hanging with wooden planks with openings that let pots dangle. Space the planks evenly between two pieces of rope and secure with zip ties for a uniform look.

Minimalist vertical garden

If you prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic, stacked box-type planters attached to the side of your home make for a striking vertical garden.

A vertical planter pyramid

You can create a vertical garden in pyramid shape by using wooden planks and mounting them with the planter of your choice.

Tiered ladder garden

For a decidedly less construction-heavy project, neatly stack planters on the rungs of a ladder for an instant shabby chic look. For a bit more flourish, add a hook for a hanging planter.