The science of Vastu can add a bit of sparkle and ‘oomph’ to your house. Add to these, the scientific knowledge that goes behind it. Practically speaking, the home should be warm, comfortable and give out a hearteningly radiant ambience.  The combination of Panchtattva (Five Elements) Theory and energies of the 16 MahaVastu zones can offer you abundance and prosperity. The timeless wisdom of the Vastu Shastra will enable you to understand the use of artefacts, colours and even plants to adorn and uplift the energy levels of a house.

In the northern zones, green, blue, white, black and blue colours are appropriate, while in the southern zones, green and red represent healthy Fire energy. Colours - white and cream shades represent the western zones; brown, white and green dominate eastern zone. For instance, it isn’t a good idea to use cream colour in the North-East zone. This means that toilet, kitchen, dustbin and sink shouldn’t be in this zone as it can affect the physical and mental health. Do not place any plants here; instead, place a statue and picture of Buddha for peace of mind. For a reinvigorated atmosphere in the north zone, place a money plant in a blue vase or if you have a green flower vase put flowers in it for increased money flow.

If your main entrance is attractive and decorative, Vastu has it that it can magnetize more energy-attracting quality aspects. If not, you can seek the help of a good Vastu consultant for remedy. And if you wish to use Rangoli as decoration, again there are a few guidelines to follow. If it’s a north zone entrance, then you should refrain from using purple, orange and red colours and triangular designs.  Go for blue colour and a wavy design for keeping prosperity, opportunities and wealth intact.  For south zone entrance, go for blue colour for enhanced security; therefore, choose shades of orange, red and purple and triangular patterns and designs.

If you’re looking to use mirrors for extending a cut or missing Vastu zone, then it is fine. However, in the case of decoration, you need to carefully decide the mirror’s location as it extends whichever zone it is in. The colour of the mirror frame should be same as that of the zone it is in.  In the western and southern zones, it will tend to dilute the zone’s strength, but quite fine in the North and East.

Suppose you place a village scene in the West Vastu zone, it will look nice and multiply capital and gains. The family photos should be placed in the South-West Vastu zone framed in golden yellow colour for a robust relationship. Colours to avoid here: red and blue —these will potentially stop money flow and will affect relationships and skills.

Gods should be revered and you shouldn’t use them as mere decor. Goddess Lakshmi should be placed in the North zone. This said you can place the common temple in West zone. Several animals (sculptures) that are considered to be quite decorative are Vaastu remedies. A tortoise in the house that is pointed in the North direction offers patient utmost strength. Remember a beautiful home is just not about aesthetics but also how good the Vastu of the house is.