From time and again planters have proven their importance. The easiest way to bring nature indoors is by using planters and pots. They also help to personalize a space and make any space big or small look more warm and inviting. Planters with flowering plants spread positivity and cheer as well. Also Checkout the benefits of having indoor plants.

Here are some ideas to help you incorporate planters in your abode

Vivid veranda

Veranda is a great place to have a beautiful array of planters. You can make a veranda look more relaxing and bright by using different variety of planters. Make your veranda a nature’s haven by using big bunch of hanging planter baskets as well as terracotta pots on the ground.

Green walking area

The entrance of a house is what visitors notice as soon as they set foot on your house. By using an array of planters you can create the right impression. Place symmetrical planters on both sides of the entrance and create a small but beautiful garden. If you have space constraints you can use shelves and platforms to place planters. Use similarly designed planters and similar plants to create a symmetrical layout. The height of the plants can be different. According to your budget and taste you can choose planters in different sizes, shape and colour.

Patio planters

To light up your patio and make it look more organic and earthy use planters. You can choose green planters on sea blue planter stands and let them surround your sofa. You can colour coordinate your sofa sets with the planters as well.

On the terrace!

If you have a seating area on the terrace you can engulf them with planters of your choice and bring in nature to the minimal space. Green planters, marble seating area and brightly coloured cushions will work well. It would be just the perfect setting for a cozy evening with friends or family. 

Wall hanging

This is another unique way of using planters. Instead of placing them on the ground you can either hang them or place them on designer wall shelves. According to your preference and size of your veranda you can choose the colour and size of your planters. To make planters an integral part of your house this is a unique way. And not just your patio or veranda but even in your bedroom or living room you can stay close to nature by mounting planters on shelves.

Paint it pink

If you have an all white balcony or veranda deck it up with white and pink planters with lovely flowers. Select different variety of planters. To lighten up the entire place pair the planters with matching or contrasting furniture. Using planters with single colour tone you could also create a coloured theme. If your space receives good sunlight planters with flowering plants like bougainvilleas are a good option, especially in the summer. 

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