Be it a housewarming party or any festival, the first thing that we focus on is decorating our house. Flower decoration is part and parcel of any ceremony. For festivals diyas, flowers and candles take centre stage. The best part is you can never go wrong with diya and floral decoration.


Decorate your home for festivals and ceremonies


To make festivals as well as housewarming ceremonies more special for you, follow this quick guide.

Fancy entrance gateway

The entrance is what the guests see first when they come to your house. First impression is the best impression. So you must make it as awesome as possible. You can use decorative diyas as well as brass urlis for floating tea lights and flowers. You can also use floral garlands, bright lights, and rangolis to make it ready and look welcoming for any festival or ceremony.

Style your centre table

Without lights and rangolis festivals and even housewarming ceremonies are incomplete. Using decorative diyas and urlis with flowers you can enhance the look of your centre table and create a pretty environment.

Balcony decoration with Flowers

To make your balcony and exteriors look brighter you can use flowers as well as other lovely decor items. To give a festive look, choose an amalgamation of two flowers like yellow and white. Here too you can use diya decoration and brass urlis with flowers.

Rangoli, flower and diyas

By adoring your entrance with rangoli designs and then using diyas and flower petals you can give your home a sweet makeover. In a bowl try floating some wild flowers picked up from your garden or some rose petals and see the magnificence it brings in.

Experiment with lights

In India lights are an integral element for festivals. While using lights you don’t have to stick to those boring styles and patterns. Inverted diya lookalike hanging lights will create a magical aura.

Plants plus Lights

You can enhance the warmth of your home by adding lights to the greenery. Use lamps or jars packed with string lights over the plants. In between leaves also you can also use small bulbs.

Floral diyas

Add your own special touch and fragrance to the diyas by decorating them with flowers. This will be more interesting than plain brown or painted diyas. You can learn how to make floating diyas at home from online and get creative!

Fruity candles

To have a beautiful looking and smelling candle use fruit peels, (for eg. orange feel) to make candles.

Fresh flowers bring in positivity, happiness & cheer into one’s home and so do decorative diyas and urlis. You can keep them in special corners or on top of tables or balconies to give your home a unique touch.