How to Create a Fairy Mini Garden

December 26, 2016

A fairy mini garden is apt for a kid-friendly gardening project. And the best part is even those who have zero creativity can build an enchanting fairy garden without much effort. And they are not that expensive. We give you a few tips to get started.


How to create a fairy mini garden


Pick your container

Choose a container depending on how much space you can devote to create a mini fairy garden. You don’t have to buy a new container. You’ll need a raised planter. Use something you already have at home like an organising basket, old basin, pot or bin or a water table your kids are no longer using. All you need to consider is what size works best for your space because the options are limitless.

Choose the Fairy House

Depending on the theme of the garden you can choose a fairy house. A bird house or log cabin or beach chairs makes a perfect fairy house. You can plant a lawn around it or palm trees. Give wings to your imagination.

Map it out

Before planting or setting up the garden make a sketch of where each thing will go on a piece of paper. If you are too lazy to sketch, position items around the container and see if all the items fit in that space. Sometimes you will end up with too many items or too little items. By planning ahead you will be able to nip such problems in the beginning itself.

Location, location, location

The first rule when it comes to gardening is plant what thrives in your area. Is your garden surrounded by lot of shady trees? Does it get sufficient sunlight all day? Is it damp? Select plants according to the location. Having said that, don’t let these rules scare you. If plants didn’t thrive you can always replant.


It is your personalized flair that makes a mini fairy garden unique. Accessorize to give your garden a personal touch. Use birdbaths, urns, decorative planters, little fairy signposts, etc. You can even create a mini footbridge by gluing Popsicle sticks together. If you don’t want to spend too much money, use aquarium pebbles, seashells, leftover broken tiles, twigs, marble etc. Just use your imagination.

A birdhouse to call home

Inexpensive unfinished wooden birdhouses will be a great addition to your mini fairy garden. You can paint it yourself in any colour and even create a stone walkway and a white picket fence around it. Plant a flower bed all around the fence and it will look straight out of a fairytale.

Fairies with wheels

An old wheelbarrow or an outgrown kid’s wagon can be used to create a mini fairy garden plot. To provide drainage for the plants you need to drill several holes in the bottom of the wagon or wheelbarrow. You can use either white or sky blue colours to paint a rusted out wheelbarrow.

Plant herbs

You can plant herbs to create a simple yet practical mini fairy garden. They are easy-to-maintain and will come in handy while cooking a delicious dish.

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