A big table lamp on a small end table will look odd. The size of the lamp and the end table should be balanced or else it will ruin the very look of the room.

Form and function should go hand in hand. Select a shade with a width which is a few inches less than the base length of the lamp. For example, if the width of the shade is 20, the width of the base should not be more than 22 inches. There is nothing wrong in placing a floor lamp next to a table with a lamp on it. However, there should be some connection between the three units.  

Buy side table for lamp

When you take the 70s and the 80s, different heights for end tables and lamp combinations were considered fashionable. In the 70s, high table lamps were placed on really small end tables. In the 80s, people started pairing end tables and lamps of almost the same size.

Today, end tables are slightly shorter when compared to the height of the table lamp. You don’t have to go by what is in trend now. Just look at the proportions. 

If you have a chest of drawer in a room, and want to place an accent lamp on it, pick a very small accent lamp for the spot. It is OK to not be perfect, but try to go as close as possible. Accent lamps on a fireplace mantle should not be tall.  

An end table with a lamp add character and warmth to any room. You can add end tables on two sides of the sofa and place table lamps on both sides. You can place lamps of different heights and shapes. They won’t look odd or out of place. But the lamps and end tables’ measurements combined should be the same on both sides of the sofa.