A beautiful wallpaper can immediately add life to any room. When choosing your wallpaper, don’t forget to think about the other elements in your room such as curtains and home accessories, so you can complement the colours and patterns to create a fantastic overall design.

Nature Wallpaper

Here are a few tips to know for choosing the perfect wallpaper before you walk in a wallpaper store.

Picking Your Roll Width

When estimating how many rolls of wallpaper you'll need, one of the most important things to consider is width. Consult with a professional paper hanger to estimate the correct amount of rolls needed for your space.

Metallic Wallpaper

To add sheen to a room, metallic wallpaper is an excellent idea. It will help reflect the light and will make the room look bright. Metallics take on a sexy, moody appearance once lit by task lighting or chandeliers. However, you must be very careful during the installation. They are not easy to hang, especially those with hand-painted detail. They are delicate and will be costly to install. It’s easier to work with printed or stamped metallics. And the installation cost is more affordable, too.

Botanical and Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper

The most common for feminine spaces are botanical and floral prints. From far away tight, small botanical and floral prints tend to appear very busy, and therefore are best used in small spaces such as inside closets, powder rooms, or laundry rooms. For large and small spaces medium-sized botanical and floral prints are very popular. For extra-large rooms such as living rooms large botanical and floral prints are ideal.

Graphic Geometric

Geometric Wallpaper

Graphic geometric wallpaper is a huge hit among lovers of retro, and modern interiors. They are made in diverse styles and are readily available in the retail market. Small geometrics take little effort to hang as far as installation is concerned. Not much goes waste since many times within each strip the pattern repeats. And it can be installed easily as not much skill is required. If you think it might not suit a full room, it can be installed on the back of a bookshelf or on a ceiling. To an otherwise understated or solid space this intense burst of graphic impact can immediately add energy.

Hide imperfections with wallpaper

For hiding any imperfections in wall surfaces textured papers and matt patterns are ideal. To produce a flawless finish by smoothing out defects lining paper will help as it has an additional layer.

The right colour

Kids Wallpaper

By wallpapering the entire room tired looking interiors can instantly be brought up to date. If you are doing a makeover and have existing piece of furniture, match your paper to that. Choose one of the prevalent colours and the room will look in sync.

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