Flower vases can brighten up any room, and that is why they are a popular item in home decor. However, finding the right flower vase for your space can be a difficult task as they come in so many different shapes and sizes.

Flowers refresh the environment and bring life to a living place. Vases can completely change the way our home or office looks as they come in several traditional and contemporary designs.


Flower Vase for Home Decor


If you want to enhance and complement the beauty of the flowers choose vases with neutral or muted colours. Since they are stand alone ornamental fixtures vases do not need to contain flowers. But flowers will accentuate their beauty.

Since they come in different sizes and colours it is easy to find the perfect vase for any room. You will find vases that are tiny and can hold just one flower as well as tall vases that can hold a bouquet of flowers. You can place them in your interiors as well as outdoors.  When placed outdoors they will add beauty to your flower garden. Make sure to get the sizes right wherever you intend to place them.  

To help you make a decision the best strategy is to have a set of criteria. We show you how.

Consider the size of the vase

If you are planning to place it on the floor opt for a large vase. They will look beautiful in the corner of the room. You can display tall branches or flowers in them.

Choose a colourful tiny vase

If you are looking for small vases choose a colourful one. They will brighten up a dining table or living room centre table, kitchen counter, corner table, side table, etc.

Shape matters

The shape of the vase is also important. You can either get a short, bowl-shaped one or a tall and thin vase depending on the type of flower arrangement you want to create.

An artsy vase

A vase with an eye-catching design will stand out in any corner regardless of the type of flowers you display in it. By placing it in a strategic spot and giving the right lighting you can highlight its beauty.

Colour, material

When choosing a vase take into consideration the colour and material. If you want a corrosion-free vase, buy a ceramic or fibre vase. The transparent glass vases are always versatile, but sometimes you need something different. Metallic vases will look great on a glass table. On a light backdrop a dark coloured vase will stand out.

The vase shouldn’t overwhelm the flowers

The vase should be as simple as possible if you want to display bright flowers, especially red, purple, etc. It is better to opt for a transparent vase with a minimalist form.

Vase should not overpower other decor items

If you want to place it in front of a mirror, it is better to opt for a vase that is not too tall because you want to see yourself in the mirror without any obstruction.