Choosing the right kind of plants, pots and using the balcony space wisely is the key to increasing green cover in cities in a small way.  Ceramic planters, wooden, metal or plastic planters would look beautiful and enhance growth of plants in your balcony.

Colorful mugs and small pots could be used to adorn your tea-time table. They set the mood of the bright day. While cold and moist climate weather uses more dark coloured pots, as they keep the surroundings warm.  White, blue and beige are pleasant colors for pots during summer. The mugs and small pots could easily be carried around for placing plants in sun.

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Wooden planks and railing planters optimize the space in your balconies by creating more floor space to enjoy. The range of plants grown in these gardens varies from petunias, cactus and herbal plants. Some also explore the possibility of having small kitchen garden in their balcony. Flowering plants such as petunias and rose spread a mild fragrance in the area.

Planters are available in multiple shapes and sizes and the utility purpose varies from one to another.

There are self- watering planters that have a built- in reservoir for water storage; the plants draw water from these reservoir for days together. This facilitates people who travel and with hectic schedules to tend to plants during their spare time.

The raised planters are space savers in balcony garden, as other items could also be stored beneath it. People who prefer sitting and tending to plants will find these useful.It comes with dividers that help change plants according to ones tastes. Also when the balcony is exposed to extreme climates these planters help with air pockets protecting the plant from extreme heat and cold.

The deep garden planter facilitates in planting basic vegetables and greens and other herbs that have shallow roots. Its V-form also aids in keeping deep rooted plants like tomatoes in the center of the planter. Apartment window garden and Apartment Planter shelves are other novel ideas to adorn the windows and corners with green plants.

Using the right kind of planters creates a great impact in your balcony. The small and medium ceramic planters are used on tables and planter shelves for an earthy look. Fancy plastic planters give a vibrant look with an ability to retain moisture for longer period of time and ease of moving it from room to room.

Trendy furniture planters and wall mountable planters add value by using the available balcony space to provide both artwork and green cover to your living spaces. They are light-weight and durable and come in various designs. People who find earthen pots messy and breakable would welcome this idea.

Those who value a Rustic garden could use the traditional clay pots that are porous and drains out excess water. Hand-painted clay pots in various colors in rustic design from FRP furniture add magic to your Balcony garden. These clay pots also provide good air circulation for the plants.

Choosing the color of the pot is as crucial as choosing the flowering plants you grow in your garden. If you live in the tropical climate, then beige, blue and white color flowers are more soothing to the eyes and surroundings. Railing planters are made of galvanized steel are great for places facing the sun as they absorb and retains warmth easily. Tall planters are used to divide living spaces or serve as partitions to preserve privacy. Hanging pots on wooden pallets and doors are a fabulous idea to make the best use of your balcony.