Choosing what is relevant to know about lighting, and being specific about your living room options must be two of your biggest goals if you are so serious about getting the right look for your living room. Lighting plays a major role in enhancing the interior design of a living space. If you think that a room filled with covetable furniture and expensive accessories is all that is required to make your living room fabulous, then you are wrong. Anything viewed under the wrong lighting will definitely lose its glory. Proper lighting is essential to complement the rest of the objects placed in the room. Know the simple light design and lighting techniques to find out which would be apt for your space.  So, here we’ll help you to get the perfect lamps for your living room interior design projects that will be the best lighting choices you’ll ever make concerning design and style.


Table Lamps for Living Room


To begin with, we encourage you to go for energy efficient lighting. A right lamp can liven up your living room dramatically. You can create a diverse and elegant lighting pattern anywhere by selecting the right lamps.

A living room space is where you display your lovable art pieces or photos. Nowadays, people go an extra mile by making a photo wall with all of their favourite photos. An idea such as this requires a careful choice of lighting. For ambient lighting you can use floor lamps complemented by table lamps for filler light. Use accent lamps to highlight art pieces or photos. Floor lamps, table lamps and accent lighting are good choices to light up a living room space.

Torchiere lamps are the current trend and serve as the perfect living accents. A torchiere is a lamp with a tall stand made of wood or metal. It directs the light straight up and provides gentle illumination to the sides. They have become so popular because they are free standing, can be easily moved around with ease and provide very good light levels, perfect for a living room.

Some applicable tips:

  • Use a combination of general, task, and accent lighting to set a mood and provide ample illumination.
  • To suit both your lighting needs and home decor, always choose a lamp considering its size, shape and style.
  • For a modern and contemporary look, think simple and streamlined while selecting lamps.
  • The amount of light needed is another important factor to consider. Don’t try to flood the room with too many light sources. This could be overwhelming.
  • Choose a translucent shade to illuminate the entire living room or provide a separate light for reading.
  • For a dramatic look, prefer an opaque shade.