Bedrooms are a place where you can rest, unwind and relax. It is a place where the stresses of the day can be left behind. When creating your personal space choosing the perfect furniture and mattress is a big factor. For the overall feel and look of the room, the carpet you choose in your bedroom can have a big impact. Choosing the right carpeting can be a difficult task with so many different designs, materials and colors available. When making a decision about the types of carpet that will suit your vision, taste and budget it is worth spending some time!

Here are nine factors to consider when choosing a carpet for your bedroom decoration.

Colour – It is always safe to choose neutral colours as they will complement any type of furniture or style. For the modern home carpets in neutral colours are very popular as they have an uplifting effect and provide a bright feel to any room.

Trends – When it comes to carpets it is better not to run after trends as they will become obsolete in no time. But high-quality types of carpet in neutral colours never go out of style.

Texture – For creating a truly luxurious and comfortable bedroom supple, soft types of carpets are perfect choices.

Pattern – To bring a room to life carpets with patterns are great, but they will make a room look less relaxing and can detract from the comfort of a bedroom.

Material – Wool is the best choice but it is expensive. Carpets are made using nylon as well, which is a man-made material and ultra soft. Now, hypoallergenic carpets are also available. The advantage is that allergens and dust can be easily removed from these carpets and are best suited for asthmatic individuals.

Warmth – Opt for thicker piles which provide extra warmth and insulation for older houses and cold rooms.

Underlay – For that soft feel and extra comfort in your bedroom go for a super thick underlay.

Function – Stain proof or stain resistant carpets are great choices for younger children or teenagers’ bedrooms.

Personal Style – You can let your personality roam free in your bedroom. So create the bedroom of your dreams by being creative!

A few more tips:

Consider lifestyle

The type of carpeting you choose depends greatly on your lifestyle. High-end carpeting such as wool is a great long-lasting option for homeowners without pets or kids. Polyester carpeting can withstand spills and stains and are a more family-friendly carpet.

Consider budget

Good carpeting doesn’t have to be expensive. Do your research and look for options. To get the best deal to ask for separate pricing for installation and materials.

Consider maintenance

Pick carpets that fit your lifestyle and are easy to maintain. Carpets that require a lot of upkeep is best to be avoided by homeowners with pets or children.