You’ll soon worship the ground you walk on if you follow these easy steps

Tread Lightly

There is no need to follow a strict no-shoes policy but avoid walking in high heels on wood floors whenever possible. High heels can cause dents on the surface. To the bottoms of all table legs and chairs attach felt pads to avoid scratch on the wood. To keep out salt, sand and dirt, outside every entrance put doormats. The particles on the soles of your shoes can remove your floor’s finish and even damage the wood. So you need to take this precaution.

Stay Cool

If the wood is exposed to extreme weather conditions it can results in planks buckling and gapping. So year-round keep the thermostat in a moderate range.  

Keep Dust in Check

On a floor’s sheen debris takes a toll. If you’re up for it vacuum or sweep every day or at least twice a week. Use a pH-neutral cleaner once a week. When it comes to mops, use the one with microfiber. You can also use homemade solutions to wipe up dirt stuck-on wood. Products with additives should be avoided. It is better to avoid those that claim to rejuvenate, polish and shine floors. A buildup is formed when you use cleaners that contain additives.

For daily cleaning, you can use a microfiber cloth or mop to dust the floor. Weekly you can use wet mops and vacuums as they will help to get the dirt out of spaces between each piece of hardwood and corners. The best way to clean hardwood flooring on a monthly basis is by polishing as it refreshes and renews the finish that safeguards your hardwood floor.

Bring in Pros

Wooden floors will last for a long time. Some even last a 100 years. For maintenance, all you need to do is get a new coat of finish with the help of an expert. You can also get it sanded every 10 years if your floors see a lot of pet mischief, food spills and foot traffic.


To clean hardwood floors dry cleaning is the best way as wood is sensitive to moisture. Brush/ vacuum regularly and use a well wrung-out damp mop/cloth, occasionally. When using a liquid cleaner make sure that you mix it with the right amount of water so that the floor is dry within a minute.  


Cleaning fluids containing ammonia has to be avoided. When there is a water spill clean it immediately.

Oiled floors: Wood will change colour if exposed to hard scrubbing or if strong stain removing agents are used. By using oils specifically made for wood you can oil the cleaned area.