You don’t need a lot of space to add a little greenery to your home for nature’s sake or for healthy living.

To add a little greenery to your home or office we have some suggestions, no matter what size it is.

How to Bring a Garden into Your Small Space

Start Small

It is better to start small if you don’t have much space. For small spaces one or two plants are ideal. Keep them at a place where you will see them and at the same time they will get good light. Don’t forget to water them regularly.

You can even grow vegetables if you want to grow food. You can choose plants that will grow fast with little care like ladies fingers. Remember to choose pet-friendly plants if you have cats or dogs at home.

There are plants for all kinds of light levels

To grow healthy, happy plants you don’t need direct sunlight. There are certain plants that will thrive in the shade. So while choosing plants take into consideration all kinds of light levels your space offers.

Add Plants to Often Overlooked Place

You can choose spaces that you wouldn’t traditionally consider for your garden. Fire escapes and windowsills are common choices, but consider your bathroom, which for some types of plants is actually a perfect habitat. Bathroom-friendly plants can soak up the humidity and clean the air while you bathe.  

Use Your Outdoor Spaces Wisely

A small balcony or a tiny windowsill is all that you need for a garden.  You can keep pots as well as box-style planting boxes.

Build Space-Saving, Multi-Tiered Planters

You can build your own multi-tiered planters by keeping pots on top of each other. You can also buy planting boxes that are easy to stack.  

Grow something that’ll Flourish All Year Long

It is always better to plant all-weather plants. Otherwise you will have to get new plants every season. For instance, plants that thrive during summers will wither during winter months and vice versa. If that is the case you will have to put in a lot of hard work to grow some green space. Choose plants that will keep you happy year round. Pick plants that’ll do well at any time of year.

Try Unconventional Growing Spaces

Unconventional growing spaces like walls and windows can be used to add greenery to your living space. You can also use your balcony walls or gate or fence around your home to grow something beautiful. You can even plant herbs or berries.

Grow Up, Not Out

Use your vertical space as much as possible is the cardinal rule of doing anything in small spaces. For our expansion plans what we typically do is look only at our floor space. For small spaces vertical planting is the best. They can be placed anywhere without much hassle.  

To sum it all, space is never a restraint when it comes to adding greenery.