A nice bunch of flowers well-arranged in a beautiful vase can add warmth to your interiors. However, it is not easy to fit flowers in an aesthetically appealing way in different types of vases. Here are a few tips to help you arrange flowers in every single vase.


How to arrange flowers in a vase

The Column

Column vases are, in fact, easier to use. Keep the stems if the flowers are long. All you need to do is just trim them. After retaining a few leaves you can strip foliage from each stem. Cut all your flowers to a similar stem height. Do not throw away the loose stems. First inset these stems in different directions and then inset the foliage stems.

Now insert your longest flowers. Always place flower in the direction it wants to go. So, if it’s leaning right, let it lean right.

Keep adding flowers in a circle, and make sure to cover every angle.

Squish in a few strands of ivy around the stems and then push the stems into the vase.

The Hourglass Flared Vase

This type of vases is a bit tricky to arrange. Cut stems to a similar size after removing surplus foliage.

Hold the bouquet in your left hand if you’re right handed, and add flowers with your right. Keep adding each flower at an angle, and hold it down with your left thumb to lock it in.  

Keep rotating the bouquet in your hand while adding foliage and flowers.

To hold the bouquet together tie some twine around it. Cover the bouquet with ivy and put it into the vase.

The Cone

This is comparatively easy to arrange. Bushy varieties will easily fill up the vase. Add each flower at a sharp angle, lock it in using your thumb, and hold it down. Some ivy or any other kind of foliage can be used to disguise the cone, and then place it in the vase.

The Regular Flared Vase

This is the most common vase that we see at homes but it is the most difficult to arrange flowers.

First, hold the bouquet next to the vase and trim the stems. Always trim the stems at an angle to enable them to absorb more water.

Holding the bouquet tight put the arrangement in the vase, and then release it in the water.

Cut Glass Vase

A formal, tight bouquet will look good in these old-fashioned vases.

Tie a tight bouquet of roses with twine. Cover the twine with a ribbon. Fold the edge of the ribbon and pin it into the bouquet. And then insert the bouquet into the vase.

Cube Vase

Big and bushy hydrangeas are a great flower to use in a cube vase.  Trim the leaves off the hydrangea stem and save them for the vase.

Push the hydrangea leaves against all sides of the glass after filling the cube with water. Using a twine tie the bouquet of hydrangeas. Cut the stems according to the height of the vase and you are done.