Art Deco style first emerged after World War I in France. The visual and influential arts and design movement features touches of Mediterranean, French, and Egyptian culture with geometric patterns and often vibrant colors. It is easy to bring this retro look from the 1930s -1940s into your home. Here is how:

  1. Start off with bold geometric design

The bold geometric designs and shapes belong to the Art Deco movement. Start off with bold wallpaper with a strong geometric appeal. This style features curvilinear and rectilinear forms and will brighten your room instantly.

  1. Animal prints & exotic finishes

Tourism started to boom by the 1930s and travel was becoming popular. In the home décor front people started to showcase animal prints and exotic finishes such as pearl and tortoiseshell, reminiscent of African safaris. To complete the Art Deco look in your home add shiny fabrics, bold materials in glass, metallic mirrors and paints.

  1. Bold artwork and sculptures

During the 30s and 40s the arts and entertainment world showcased their talents and home decor mimicked the trend. Ornate bedroom furniture, sculptural table lamps, bold oil paintings, and finely detailed furniture was commonplace. For instant Art Deco appeal bring these elements into your room.

  1. Make every room feel regal with Egyptian influences

The influence from Africa and especially Egypt became commonplace. Many homes spotted hieroglyphics type symbols and sphinxes. These symbols were seen in wallpapers, textiles and furniture.

  1. Bold colors

Black and white combinations with pops of deep browns and red were popular in kitchen and bathroom tiles. To bring the look to your home choose high gloss porcelain or ceramic tile in contrasting colors. Complete the look with mirrored finishes and beautiful mirrors.

  1. Add drama with cosmopolitan Art Deco touches

A cosmopolitan lifestyle with visual drama was typical of Art Deco movement. Furniture was adorned with bold fabrics and had distinct lines. To add drama just plain textiles would accompany silky fabrics.

  1. Neutral finishes

Evoking the grandeur and drama of the silver screen into your home was an essential part of the Art Deco style. Neutral color palettes were combined with shiny fabrics, an abundance of lavish and soft material and subdued lighting. To bring out the Art Deco style of neutrals hang fabric behind your master bedroom bed.

  1. Look up to the metropolitan cities you love

This strong movement in architecture, lifestyle and interior design started in Europe and the United States during the 30s and 40s. Art Deco styled buildings can be spotted in Miami, Florida. They had pastel colored buildings while Chicago and New York boasted highly stylized skyscrapers that featured industrial motifs of cruise liners, cars and airplanes. By adding ornate geometries to your exterior you can bring this look to your home.

  1. Modern renovations with Art Deco additions

By simple mixes of modern flooring and retro style lighting fixtures you can bring Art Deco style to your kitchen. To evoke the “artsy” appeal use modern materials such as curved Corian countertops of the Art Deco era.